White lady trying to call the police on a Black man for ordering a milk shake (or my experience with Mickey D’s Mary)

Mickey D's Mary

There literally is an epidemic of White folk calling the police on Black folk for mundane non-threatening behavior. I just saw a news segment about a 11 year old who had the police called on him for selling news papers 😣

11 yr old new paper 911 call

Black people end up dead when these race motivated calls are made. Tamir Rice who was shot for having a toy gun because a White lady called 911 on him is a perfect example.

Both these 911 callers need to be fined if not jailed!

Last Saturday I was at the McDonalds in San Francisco’s Fillmore district at Golden Gate St. & Fillmore St. and I hear this White chick asking the manager to call the police on this brotha who was talking to himself while using those new self serve kiosk to place his order. At first I didn’t know who she was so “threatened or troubled” by so I asked her “who are you concerned about” I guess she didn’t know I’d over heard her so she goes “I don’t know what you are talking about” So now I raise my voice & say “I’m a community advocate & I’m talking about the person you wanted the police called on…im from this community & I simply wanted to help deal with the situation with out calling the police” After that brief back and forth a brother who recognized me as #hughemc stepped away from the kiosk & greeted me & went off on a tangent about Bay Area Hip-Hop artist #jtthebiggafigga & some musical instruments (like literal instruments like trombones & tubas & shyt😂) he was supposed to get for JT. So I’m was like “oh snap” this gotta be the dude the White chick wanted to call the police on. I talk to the guy for a minute & yes he “spoke with a heavy push” & was “tangential” as we say in the clinical profession but he wasn’t dangerous or a harm to himself. He was going on a mile a minute until I politely pointed out “bruah your orders ready” He thanked me, grabbed his milk shake & bounced. I see “McDonald’s Mary”🤣 grabbing her order & I step to her explaining “she was doing to much”(but in a slightly perturbed professional manner😜) She 1st goes “why did you say that so loud” & I was like “well when I asked you who you were concerned about you lied like I didn’t know what the Hell I was talking about so eer yeah I put you on public blast” (I hate, I mean I really hate & cannot stand when people try to gaslight me – “I don’t know what you talking about”😣I’m like biiiotch if you don’t stop playing) She goes on how she’s a foreigner as if that explains her racism (bitch had no accent so if she wasn’t from Canada I even doubt that was the truth) then her friend jumps in trying to apologize. I say “hey if your sincere I’ll accept it but if it’s not well you get what I’m saying” (translation “fuck you & your apology in coded poli’tese) I wish I’d said “you shouldn’t be the one apologizing) I took pictures of this dynamic duo but scrambled the faces…why? well the calling of the cops was aborted & I more wanted to document the incident & start a conversation about the incident. People are tempted to give Whites a pass on this kinda shyt especially scared White women but fuck that police are illegally beating & killing Black folk. Calling the police on a guy for talking to him self while ordering a milk shake is asinine. I mean that’s me any given day😂 The thing is Whites view police totally different than Blacks do…primarily because we have a very different relationship with them. To them the police are the good guys. To us they are storm troopers and an occupying force in our neighborhoods. This rash of Whites calling the police on Blacks for innocuous behavior has definitely increased but its far from a new phenomena. I’ve had a White lady call me a bunch of bitches then point at a near by police station and threaten to call them. I told her “go right ahead” because unbeknownst to her I knew most of the cops at that station and I had my SF City and County badge so I was looking forward to all that to blow up in her face…but anyway. There should be a financial if not criminal penalty for calling the cops for harmless behavior. I mean you pulling a fire alarm is a crime. It should be the same for calling the police on innocent Black people simply living their lives doing things White folk do everyday with no hassle.  This shyt has gotten way out of hand  #whitescallingpoliceononblacksfornothing

So I Swing…



Life can beat you down & leave your spirit battered & bruised. 
My spirit is resilient but I ache,I cry, I languish in the depths of my pain thinking of loves & loved ones lost 
My mind flooded with all the regrets men who have lived a life such as mine have. 
Chances not taken….dice left unthrown
A hand unplayed
Folded because a combination of fear & oppression stared me down 
The poker face of life’s hard knocks
Yet I continue to play
Yet I continue to rise to a bell rang in the arena of life
Ready to dance – Ali…MJ
I shuffle, I bob & I weave …ropa-dope’n
And I take my blows rolling with what punches I can & gritting my teeth on what punches find their mark
My brow sweaty, my body sore but my back unbent
So I swing
I swing for the fences,I throw hailmarys & haymakers
Realising as long as I fight I win & if I stop I loose
So I hear my momma in my ear whispering
Swing little Tookie swing 
Send that bullie running,crying on home

The God vs The Donkey aka Charlemagne vs Jason Lee Whitlock (Another look into the Uncle Tom mentality)


I just came across this diatribe between Jason Whitlock and Charlemagne and I immediately wanted to give the God a high-five. The thing is the issue Charlemagne addressed is complicated for non-Blacks to understand. Yeah Charlemagne could have presented his argument in a different manner and the Emit Till reference could be said to be too “strong” but the truth of the matter is that it was not too “wrong”. We Black men know all too well how it is to deal with a White female(or White person period) who is scared of you for no other reason but the fact you’re a Black man. I’ll admit I felt Lavar Ball could have responded to Kristine’s pestering questions with more savvy and tact but his irritation is well understood when you take in consideration Kristine’s prior comments about Ball. As he said he felt she was “a hater” and had no desire to dialogue with her.  I also agree she played the shocked and incredulous victim after goading Ball into a response.

Below is the whole interview between Leahy and Ball.

I don’t want to harp on the dynamic of White fear of Black masculinity (that’s a research paper, novel, multi episode editorial, etc with in its self. I want to address the issue of the uncle Tom dynamic that causes these super Toms to come forward and champion the “massa’s” cause. It seems I’m running into these Jesse Lee Peterson types more and more today.  Malcolm X described the mentality of the Uncle Tom perfectly in his “House Negro/Field Negro” analogy

“There was the house Negro and the field Negro. The house Negroes – they lived in the house with master, they dressed pretty good, they ate good ’cause they ate his food — what he left. They lived in the attic or the basement, but still they lived near the master; and they loved their master more than the master loved himself. They would give their life to save the master’s house quicker than the master would. The house Negro, if the master said, ‘We got a good house here’, the house Negro would say, ‘Yeah, we got a good house here.’ Whenever the master said ‘we’, he said ‘we’. That’s how you can tell a house Negro.

“If the master’s house caught on fire, the house Negro would fight harder to put the blaze out than the master would. If the master got sick, the house Negro would say, ‘What’s the matter, boss, we sick?’ We sick! He identified himself with his master more than his master identified with himself. And if you came to the house Negro and said, ‘Let’s run away, let’s escape, let’s separate’, the house Negro would look at you and say, ‘Man, you crazy. What you mean, separate? Where is there a better house than this? Where can I wear better clothes than this? Where can I eat better food than this?'”

-Malcolm X

Jason Whitlock is saying to Kristine Leahy “we sick boss”? “Did that mean negro hurt your feelings?”

As Malcolm X describes, Blacks like Jason Lee Whitlock identify with the master more so than the master identifies with his own self. So much so you hear and see Jason Lee Whitlock taking it upon himself to come to Kristine Leahy’s defense. As with most media “Toms” Whitlock has priors of attacking Black celebrities and athletes.  From Serena Williams to Lebron James to Colin Kaepernick,  Whitlock has attacked African Americans athletes with the most derisive language attacking those who have stood up for social issues in particular . I ask myself what makes these Toms tick? The human mind intrigues me and I seriously wonder what part of the psyche and soul has died in order for this Uncle Tom survival mechanism to manifest.  Yes Uncle Tom’ism is a survival trait. The Uncle Tom mentality is a mental illness diagnosed with in the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition)  I love pointing this fact out to sell outs, bed wenches and toms. It’s like “hey yo you crazy…no.. no you really crazy”. I’d never heard of this fat fucker Jason Whitlock until I’d seen Charlemagne blast him on the Breakfast Club. He’s obviously one of those Black faces that Whites use to justify their own racism and appease any guilt they may feel behind said racism. When you here someone White say “see a Black guy said it” they’re usually talking about a Jason Whitlock type.

The thing is just like racism the Uncle Tom Mentality is a spectrum. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Tom that’s a total sell out. Most Tom’s I find actually think they are doing things to improve the Black community. The problem is that Tom’s can’t see or refuse to see the impact of systemic racism (ie: White supremacy) thus fail to see trying to simply amalgamate into a system that systemically oppresses you and your people is…well insane. The brother @ABtheHero breaks down Jason Whitlock’s response to Charlemagne giving him the Donkey of the Day.

In this clip he’s basically saying he’s not a Tom and that he hasn’t been cooning then proceeds to run off a list of deeds and actions he has done to champion Black issues and causes…he does this right after he names four old White men that can verify he hasn’t made his career off attacking Black athletes. He then ask Charlemagne to engage in debate with him without hurling insults but he seems to forget the ugly comments he’s made about Serena and other Black athletes he’s written about….again crazy talk. He also states Serana, Lebron and other athletes are ‘strong” enough to take “his” criticism but I’d ask Whitlock “well isn’t Kristine Leahy strong enough to handle Charlemagne and Lavar Balls critique?

As I said earlier I wonder what part of the Tom’s soul/psyche has been killed in order to allow the Uncle Tom mental state to rise to prominence. I always doubt it’s been totally done away with because as we see in Jason Whitlock’s response to receiving the Donkey of the Day the need to justify his actions by denying his Tom’ism is strong enough for him to record a response to Charlemagne.

One of the primary things we must do in our Black Cultural Revolution is to constantly and consistently call these Toms out for their coonery.

For those who’ve yet to see Charlemagne’s full bitch slapping of Jason Whitlock you can watch below

Prophecies of the Present (a poem)


Prophecies of the Present

The world having traversed a third of its heavenly course 

The Platonic year near complete

The gods, infernal and divine stand ready to unleash prophecies long forgotten

Of Dido and Pygmalion

Of Memnon and Andromeda

Amongst the stone & rubble Albion’s children will remember the ways of Eirene to late

Having dwelt in their hubris to long, they ran dancing to their own ruin

The lion, the leopard, the rooster joined by the compass

Look on disconcertedly as the bear, faux naïf cleverly pulls the strings of the arrogant eagle

Gog and Magog snigger as Riphath and Tarshish decedents are duped

The dragon ever wise watches, keeping the goshawk perilously tethered

Arimu in turmoil may cause the blue turban to rise from Ishmael’s seed

All the while from with in the bowels of the behemoth you hear the Kushite’s muffled cries for justice

Of Moors and Mongols (a poem)


When the moon is in Mars & the sun is in Saturn,

Long after the towers of Gemini have fallen & the mood set for the mad trumpeter to play to his ruin.

After Bacon’s dream is pushed to the edge of nightmare and Kings dream has been rendered close to  peril,

400 seasons thus will the false heirs of Romulus & Remus be vexed, the zealots of Hakenkruez flag laying in tatters,

Venus then eclipsed, with aurum et ferro both Moor & Mongol shall meet at the Rhine.

About this poem:

For anyone who has ever read a translation of Michel de Nostredame bka Nostradamus’s prophecies the influence of his quatrains is evident. This is a poem I’ve had running around in my head for years. I didn’t receive this poems subject matter while in a prophetic trance as Nostradamus received his quatrains but I will say I feel it is a prophecy of sorts. The way prophecy plays out can be varied and in many cases is subject to the interpretation of those effected (or not effected) by prophecy. I’m interested in seeing what readers think this “poetic prophecy” is alluding to.


Sir Morien and the Black presence in Medieval Europe (or the real Black Knight)


I thought about writing this in celebration of Black History Month after watching the BBC’s “Merlin” series. In the series they cast quite a few Black actors and even cast actress Angel Coulby as Queen Guinevere. This is how Im usually motivated to do my research. Being an autodidactic learner I either see or read something interesting and I go digging to see if I can find an example of it in art,literature or history. I love digging up little known and obscure facts about Black history through out the world so delving into the legend of Sir Morien was a pleasure

We’ve all heard of the “black Knight” of the King Arthur legend but there literally was a “Black” knight in King Arthur’s court. His name was Sir Morien & his tale is recorded in a 13th Century Dutch Manuscript. This tale more than likely existed in oral tradition & older text that no longer survive. There were actually quite a few people of African decent in medieval & ancient Europe. Sir Morien like King Arthur more than likely is a mythical figure based on an amalgamation of historic figures. Sir Morien more than likely was based on the leader of the Roman Theban Legion St. Maurice who himself has elements of legend attached to him.


St. Maurice and Pope (probably Nicholas V)

Sir Morien is described in the text as such:

“He was all black, even as I tell ye: his head, his body, and his hands were all black, saving only his teeth. His shield and his armour were even those of a Moor, and black as a raven…

Had they not heard him call upon God no man had dared face him, deeming that he was the devil or one of his fellows out of hell, for that his steed was so great, and he was taller even than Sir Lancelot, and black withal, as I said afore…

When the Moor heard these words he laughed with heart and mouth (his teeth were white as chalk, otherwise was he altogether black)…”

For a full read I recommend this sight which has the full tale


 Another Black  Character in the Arthurian legends is Feirerfiz

Feirefiz is referred to as being a Saracen & his mother is the Moorish Queen Belcane (or Belacane) a Black woman & his father the fictional French King Gahmuret a White man

(for a synopsis of the tale see Percival)

Many early Medieval Europeans may not have understood what children of bi-racial relationships would look like so they discribed Feirefiz as having patchy black & white skin Some also theorize the writers may have been describing a Black person with vitiligo.


“Feirefiz is a character in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Arthurian poem Parzival. He is the half-brother of Parzival, the story’s hero. He is the child of their father Gahmuret’s first marriage to the Moorish queen Belacane (Italian: “lovely meat”), and equals his brother in knightly ability. Because his father was white and his mother black, Feirefiz’s skin consists of black and white patches. His appearance is compared to that of a magpie or a parchment with writing on it, though he is considered very handsome. There exists a skin disease, Vitiligo, which produces such underpigmented patches across the body.”

A Black person in Medieval Europe may seem like an anachronism but Black Africans were more widely known to the North Western European than our mainstream history would have us believe. The fact you have such tales this early in North Western European  history points to the presence of Black people in Western Europe during the medieval period.



The two above examples of medieval art are of Black African knights and noble men,one apparently of a king being crowned.

Its plausible that Black Africans absorbed the North Western feudal culture easily being that in Africa you had a tradition of horseman ship and mounted armored warriors also dating back to West Africa’s  Medieval period

Begharmi Lancers

Knights of the Savanna


Men dressed in traditional clothes ride horses during Durbar festival in Kano

As we see from the above pictures this armored horse riding tradition is still alive today

Archeology also proves Black Africans were present in Europe during the earliest parts of the Medieval period. The remains of a 4th century Black woman were found in Brittan.




Blacks obviously migrated into Southern and North Western Europe throughout history as another ancient skeleton dating circa 3 AD the “Beachy Head Lady” pictured above confirms. Like the remains discovered in York these remains discovered in the    South East England county of East Sussex are of a Sub Saharan female.


Those of use who are familiar with archeology and genetic research understand it was Black Africans who ventured out of Africa reaching Europe and Asia around 60k to 40k years ago as this reconstructed bust tells us.


This skull reconstruction is of the 1st homo sapiens sapiens in Europe dating to about 35k years ago.

As for Black Africans in Europe during the upper Paleolithic I recommend this documentary

So from these examples we see the Black African has long been in Europe prior to the Arab or Trans Atlantic slave trades. There are many more examples of artistic depictions of medieval Black Noble and common folk through out Europe. The below images are from the Medieval period ie: 4th century to 14th century(To the best of my knowledge). I am happy to say there are so many of these pieces of art representing peoples of Black African ancestry in Europe I grew tired of sorting through them & separating the many Renaissance art pieces and those that were made prior to the 15th century. I can only imagine how many more remain hidden or undiscovered.






European Crusaders and Moors clashing




Note the Brother with the Afro sitting in the back(yes I too laughed as I wrote this)


1100 AD England






St. Maurice 13th Century,Germany




From the famous “Book of Games” or Libro de los Juegos” by King Alphonso X (circa 12 AD)

Libro de los juegos 

A Debate with a Coon & a Bed Wench

Uncle Tom syndrome :

is a concept in psychology.[1] It refers to a coping skill where individuals use passivity and submissiveness when confronted with a threat, leading to subservient behaviour and appeasement, while concealing their true thoughts and feelings. (-On a deeper level I think many of these individuals actually feel love, affection and a longing to be like the oppressor group) The term Uncle Tom comes from the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe‘s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin,

-I’d like to state I think the term Uncle Tom shouldn’t be used as a pejorative term for sell outs because in the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Tom dies from being beaten by slave masters before he will tell on two escaped slaves)


One thing that can irk (& sadden) a conscious Black person such as my self is running into Blacks who posses an uncle tom mentality. I recently ran into two such persons on the Internet & their inability to deal with actual facts simultaneously frustrated and amused me. When ever your debating with someone and their response to facts that you’ve presented is “so what?” the debate is over. You’ve won and the person your debating with is operating solely on emotion. This is what eventually happened with the “coon” I was debating with. As for the “Bed Wench” she blocked me then posted comments smearing my character. I’ve reposted the whole diatribe below. I actually thought the coon was really a White guy trolling the comment thread but he actually is Black …. and probably gay..i mean just watch his vids and you tell me

This all began when I  had made a comment to another poster then the bed wench jumped in with her two cents

Hugh Cipher

Hugh Cipher3 weeks ago

Hugh Cipher1 month ago (edited)

+gomasonpatriot1 I agree in part that both brothers wish to “fix” the Black community but what Jesse Lee fails to understand is the culpability of systemic racism  and that we must teach our people to be on guard for efforts to destabilize our efforts for success. I mean from housing red lining ,employment discrimination, unfair educational practices we have to form our own country with in this country to survive the onslaught of White supremacy. We most definitely cant ignore it

(Now enters the bed wench)


Hillary For Prison

Hillary For Prison1 month ago

+Hugh Cipher – Tariq is a fraud calling himself a “relationship expert” when he deals with strippers, prostitutes,etc being a married man. Dude is bad news. For sure he is NOT trying to fix the Black community. Only thing he’s trying to “fix,” is his bank account off the backs of Black folks. Gimme a break. I can respect Peterson or anyone who acknowledges openly that Black folks are NOT on this earth to flunky to any pre-disposed cause, being yassa massa to the Demon-Crap-ic party and knowing the standard reality is we can pick any party + vote for anyone we darn well please. I’m not beholden to any slave master white OR Black. However, that’s what these so-called Black leaders are expecting. They can take a flying leap at the moon. I don’t follow a darn thing they tell me to do.

Hugh Cipher

Hugh Cipher3 weeks ago

+Hillary For Prison you’ve got it totally misconstrued. If your some Black Republican your following a “demonic” party. your very screen name advocates for #HillaryClinton to go to jail but #DonaldTrump has committed fraud,sexual abuse,crooked tax practices & is being charged for raping a 13 yr old. All of this & you cry for Hillary to go to jail for some emails? Seriously? Tariq advocates Black pride & knowledge of self. What self respecting Afro American would have a problem with this? I dont care about Tariq going to a strip club anymore than those angry White racist #Trump supporters care about trump grabbing a handful of pussy. Blacks must learn to do for self & the majority of us will only be able to do so by understanding our history & understanding this racist system will always throw road blocks infront of us in attempts to stop our success. Understanding this is the only way to be on gaurd for this. Blacks (if you are Black) such as your self dont understand you’ve achieved success(if you are successful) inspite of this system not because of it. Most Blacks can’t kill their souls by becoming uncle tom minded subservient drones nor would this insure our success. Not when all of the systemic oppression still exist that keeps our success in check. Our family values were destroyed by this racist system. Not to recognize this is delusional

Hillary For Prison

Hillary For Prison1 month ago

+Hugh Cipher “Some Black Republican?” Thanks for helping me make my point! I have/never will let anyone or group force me into a label or boxed category. If that’s your gig, good for you! But you can’t impose or guilt me into that. Too bad other Black folks fall for that garbage, remain mentally enslaved to frauds, phony “conscious” fools screaming about the “white man.” Meanwhile, they are robbing their own people blind who remain MORE disenfranchised by dealing with so-called “pro-Blacks” who are nothing but pimps, frauds, schemers. But guess what? I NEVER gave any of the nuts ½ second of my time but still made it through school, started my own biz. I married someone with the same mindset and we’re raising our kids to be no one’s fool, like we both were raised. Live doesn’t have to include the misery of brainwashing and indoctrination, like you’re in. You folks are nuts, especially defending these frauds. It makes 0 difference what you say about Trump or whoever. What? You expect me to cry or something? I worship no one on earth and my family is priority #1, not the thieving pimps & frauds you worship!

Hugh Cipher

Hugh Cipher1 month ago (edited)

+Hillary For Prison lmao ok uuhh thank you for making “my” point.  ” I have/never will let anyone or group force me into a label or boxed category”  -ha man you are in a box and it has ” Tom ” on the label. All toms think since they made it through this White supremacist system all brothers and sisters should be able to skate through it. What you toms don’t realize is that you are the exceptions to the rule and that you’d probably be further along what ever career path you’ve taken. You sound crazy frothing at the mouth about a Black man who promotes pride of self and learning your own history with out a Eurocentric skew. I don’t have to agree with every thing Tariq says to acknowledge the valid points he makes. You speak of brainwashing and indoctrination but your mind set is programmed by White supremacy. Actually man I doubt know if your actually Black or if your some alt- right White troll but again your screen name proves my point…crying for a lady to go to jail when the presidents a sexual pervert and pathological liar …..yeah you got nerve calling someone brainwashed

Hillary For Prison

Hillary For Prison1 month ago (edited)

+Hugh Cipher – If you don’t pay your personal of biz taxes and wanna risk prison; that’s your biz. As I said before; no amount of name-calling in the world will ever guilt or shame me away from the path I took or am on. Thankfully; found/met a man just like me; able to set our 4 sons up for life; done by MAKING our own money…not GIVING money to Afro-Svengalis trying to guilt call us w/uncle toms, coons, agents. etc.; shyt is tired + as old as the hills. Funny how so many bum azz Negroes tried to get this; “uncle tom, coon, agent” $$ + tried to move into this “uncle tom, coon, agent ” 3 bedroom town home just when I was single. Yeah right! I sold that bad boy when I got married & the $$ is still collecting interest, & contributes to the pool of savings for our sons as each was born. Do you ever do stuff like this? Oh…no, I forgot; “the white man” won’t let you. Go ahead be poor and the gov chase you for not paying child support. My husband supports his sons; as do I.

Hugh Cipher

Hugh Cipher3 weeks ago

+Hillary For Prison 1st is this a typo? ” If you don’t pay your personal of biz and wanna risk prison; that’s your biz” I’m not sure what your getting at. Don’t think just because I talked about tom’s being “successful” means I or other conscious brothers are not. Hey you have a great family “a mansion and a yatch” Like I said not everyone’s held totally back by White Supremacy and remove it a person like you possibly would have achieved more. Also i’m not going to run through my resume’ in a competition with you on the net because hey people can be what ever they type on the net but I will say I am secure and my profession(s) are coveted by many. Unlike you I’ve been able to achieve my success with out selling my soul our spreading a life philosophy that doesn’t do the average Afro-American any good because it identifies with the oppressor and the majority of brothers and sisters cant stomach that nor are they in the position to feel in such a way being that far to many take the brunt of systemic racism. You fail to realize your good fortune and you seem to be angry at the Tariq types as if your White…this is strange to say the least

(Now enters the  Coon)


CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe

CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe1 month ago

+Hillary For Prison Agreed.


Hillary For Prison

Hillary For Prison1 month ago (edited)

Hillary For Prison1 month ago

+Hugh Cipher – Good fortune? No it’s NOT “good fortune.” It is HARD freakin WORK. Not a freakin thing was ever given to me (or my husband. I had my 1st job at 14. He at 16. Both went to college; met well later on in life. That’s what I don’t get. Who stops people from doing the same? No one. Mo-fos DECIDE to start robbing/stealing; whatever they do illegally. That’s such B.S. about the “white man.” Yeah; they fk w/us. But they can not STOP us literally. I wish any one of our 4 boys would start doing any of that shyt. None of me/7 sibs did that shyt either. No one in my husband’s family either. So why the fk are we gonna put up with that shyt from our sons? Are you crazy? “So you’re into those pro-Hack (not pro Black) and unconscious (not conscious) money grubbers mode Meanwhile, we’re into security for our/our sons’ future. That’s why we worked so hard; w/o those frauds, like Tariq “crooked advice.” A freakin yacht?” That’s your gig, not ours. We spend money on sports. A 3 bedroom town house is a “mansion? Hardly! Nor is a 4 bedroom house, one which our boys would rather share rooms vs move out. You’re stuck in that money mode. That’s the brainwashing of frauds like Tariq $$$; always, beggin’, borrowing, stealing, demanding, jackin up Black folks for money & he gets people like you do it for him; sing his praises. Then he goes & spends it on hookers & sex workers + he’s married. He’s nothing but another umar johnson. You can’t see the scam? It’s soo obvious!!

Hugh Cipher

Hugh Cipher3 weeks ago

Hugh Cipher1 month ago (edited)

+Hillary For Prison oh? no good fortune? Was your mother a crack addict? Did you grow up in a gang infested neighborhood? Were you raised in a single parent home?  Did you see your friends slaughtered by gang violence? I have no idea how old you are but if your in your 30’s you lived through the beginnings of the crack era and either you didn’t live in the ghetto or you had support structures around you that assisted you in escaping the pitfalls of the ghetto.  Of course hard work is to be saluted but where you are born and who your parents are and were you grow up at are things you had no control over and either your childhood was serendipitous or it was calamitous or various portions of both.Your works are your works but faith is rewarded by God and one needs both faith and works to succeed. oh by the way “A mansion and a yacht” was just a euphemism …I didn’t mean you literally had a mansion and a yacht


Hillary For Prison 

Hillary For Prison1 month ago

+Hugh Cipher Life comes with challenges; no matter where one lives. It’s not restricted to people living in rough neighborhoods whether or not the were in good or bad neighborhoods.


Hugh Cipher

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Hugh Cipher1 month ago (edited)

+Hillary For Prison true every ones life has challenges but things in rough or bad neighborhoods you  add violence ,drug addiction ,gangs and a nonchalant or even angry attitude opposed to education . I remember studying for exams while gun shots, loud music and arguments erupted outside my window. I remember being bullied and teased because I was smart and actually went to my classes with out cutting. I can say so much more but the hood made me tough. I resisted the peer pressure not to take my studies seriously and learned to fight and stand up to my bullies and this has helped me business and the office environment with both Black and White wanna be alpha males all to eager to push my buttons and under play me.. I had my slips and falls but I survived. I started an independent record company at the age of 18 and moved units by the 10’s of thousands…today I run a non profit and work for my city and county. I recognize my hard work but I also recognize my good fortune to have my mother and father to guide me through the jungle. I’m not a (moderately)successful person that looks at my brothers and sisters still in the struggle and think “hell I did it why cant they?” I understand most didn’t have my Cliff Huxtable like father and doting mother-both who helped me study and demanded I do my homework. I understand most didn’t have a work ethic instilled in them from a young age.  And note when  I say “successful” in regards to African Americans in a systemically racist system any person who has a job a place to stay and isn’t on drugs or in jail is successful. This is why I advocate knowledge of self and knowledge of the truth of this system because during the time of my fall only the knowledge of what this system really is saved me and stopped me from playing into the oppressor’s hand  by selling dope (yes I was a fairly successful drug dealer once upon a time)  My knowledge of self allowed me to enter work spaces and offices like Othello the Moor not Chicken George. For people who did not grow up in the neighborhood and or  family environment you grew up in knowledge of self is essential to make a change. Again you don’t have to agree with every thing Tariq says or send him any money…ive never sent him a dime nor do I agree with every thing in the Hidden Colors serious but the bulk of it does what’s needed and that’s instill pride in a people who lack it and  a proud person works hard and conducts themselves in a stand up fashion

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+Hugh Cipher – Totally disagree; it’s all about choice. Most people in poor neighborhoods have solid morals. It’s all about one’s value system and has 0 to do where income level or zip code. Drugs are everywhere; not just in poor Black communities. If it’s so much worse in the poor, Black communities, then white folks when be killing themselves at much higher rates than poor people and/or Black people? It makes no difference if a woman (or man) is a prostitute via a high priced agency or in a back alley. Tariq is abusive and disrespectful toward women and other people; don’t care about his film and won’t support it; he used women in scantily clad clothes to promote it . He’s a fraud, just like umar johnson.

The Coon strikes again


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+Hillary For Prison Damn right tariq is a fraud and a biggot retard…ty brother

I Bite

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+CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe brother what is your damage?

CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe

CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe1 month ago

+Hugh Cipher Hes an American brother unlike the anarchist like blm tariq and many others who want to undermine this great republic. My father served this nation and I did as well. Racist who want to destroy progress of uniting our fellow man in this country need to find some place elsewhere. Martin luther marched with white and black and if pro black domestic terrorist dont get that then they will be left behind in this modern era. I have to thank liberals white, black, or whoever for helping trump get elected.😀 The more racist and retarded you guys sound the more it helped trump get elected and also in the now…ty. I want help for the innercity. Thank god obamatard will be gone. Time to usher in a new goldenage of prosperity for all of America…☺ Thats my positive damage😊

Hugh Cipher

+CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe no thats your “positive delusion” Those white folks who arse your kissing won’t stop discriminating against “you” because you wear a red white & blue do rag & vomit pro #trumpism’s. Im fighting for all my people  not just a select few who bow down & get patted on the head & id have to ask what is your pro whitey kumbaya philosophy doing for you? You dont appear to be terribly afluent. At least you could reap the usual benifits toms get for selling their bretheren out. Hey my grand father & dad served in ww2 & Vietnam respectively so thats even more reason to demand I be treated equally in this country. Also liberals didn’t help #trump get elected. White racist reaction to a Black man winning the presidency twice is what got Donald “#chump” elected.

Hugh Cipher

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+CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe oh by the way i checked +Hillary For Prison past post & she’s a married female not a “an American brother” unless he’s in a gay marriage which i doubt

Now for some reason this pushed this bed wench bitch over the edge because she blocks me then  types

(Now this is where this bitch goes over board and calls me a sex offender)

Hillary For Prison

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By I checked HughCipher’s profile and background. He’s a Black male who’s was so into under-aged white boys he got busted; and now has to register as a SEX OFFENDER. Now he’s riding Tariq’s putrid pole. He changed colors of his surgar britches preferences but he continues to pork dudes and vice-versa.

(Ok now you know I wanna e-slap this bitch thru the screen right. I think she got upset because I questioned if she was a man or woman but I actually wasn’t sure)

she then type to her coon in arms

Hillary For Prison

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+CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe -LOL LOVE the response. I blocked that dumb ass SOB. Hugh c. after he posted that LIE he never read anywhere about me nor did I ever tell him.I don’t even know the crazy mthr fkr. He just got mad after he couldn’t hang in a debate and I made it clear I never have/never will kiss Tariq’s azz. He’s the kind who can dish it out but can’t take it!

She talks about not being able to take it but she totally ran from the debate and tried to smear me with out my knowledge. Luckily people I know pulled my coat to this bitches fuckery. What lie she’s talking about I don’t know. To see if she was a he or her I checked her earlier post and saw her state sshe was married earlier in the thread. What she’s talking about here I have noooo idea

So now its just me and the Coon.

+CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe you say this as if being proud to be Black is un American….this is the thinking of the alt-right White

CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe 

+Hugh Cipher Your a Racist you wouldn’t know…

CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe 

+Hugh Cipher being black unAnmerican??????? No being black is your racist narrative. SIMPLY PUT YOU😜 BELIEVE BLACKS ARE OWED AND SLAVERY IS YOUR CARD TO SAY THE PAST IS YOUR MAKER…I CALL BULLSHIT.!!! ARE THERE ANY WHITE SLAVE MASTERS TODAY MAKING YOU PICK COTTON AND SEPERATING YOUR FAMILY? YES OR NO? Are you under a master now like literally? Let me know ill call the police. Give me your location ill tell the 911 operator im serious. 😯Did the white supremist guard go on break? Ill get some retard pro black nigtards to plan a escape route before your white supremist guard gets back. He will be slow by the way from his sub sandwich😁…hes enjoying at lunch on his American break from racist libtardians.

+CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe man stop being silly. “No being Black is your racist narrative” wtf🤔 are you frakkin serious? You actually typed that shyt? Being Black is my & your reality. Talk about delusional.  Of course our people are owed reparations. You dont see Jews or the Japanese saying to Germany & the Americans government “naw naw thats cool yall fuck us over took all our shyt locked us up & killed 6 million of us but naw hey yall can keep the $ that you gave us as a sign of respect & an attempt to help those who lost so much”

Do you deny Nixon did this? Report: Nixon aide says war on drugs targeted blacks

cnn.com – Report: Nixon’s war on drugs targeted black people

Do you deny the cia did this? Key Figures In CIA-Crack Cocaine Scandal Begin To Come Forward | The Huffington Post


Do you deny we got no 40 acres nor mule  & Reconstruction took away the political gains we eeked out shortly after emancipation? http://ushistoryclassroom.blogspot.com/2012/01/effects-of-reconstruction-on-african.html?m=1

Ill stop here but humor me answer me these queries & answer me if Jews & Japanese received reparations for shyt that only lasted 7 to 12 yrs why shouldn’t Afro Americans get reparations for something that lasted 400?

Needless to say this closet queer coon ran from answering so I pestered him with it again and he finally responds…


 CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe 

CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe3 weeks ago

+Hugh Cipher Okay so what? What does it matter? Every white human is responsible? Lol. Come on man give me a little intelligence so I can engage. I see your narrative but your not telling me why your making every white human responsible who had nothing to do with nixon today? Your in a box but saying everyone is responsible for others actions. I dont get ur narrative using common sense😮 Still what is the solution? Its not fair to use the past and make new born babies responsible. You got to be smarter then this. Your blowing me away with the thinking…Ive had so many white people who have just lent a hand and didnt even know me. Humans have the gift of god in general. Ive met whites who have done me wrong, spanish and black. And we all culturely are not perfect. So do I now hate all human beings born of God? Im just using basic commonsense with you. If your to ignorant and use grade school antics then I cant conversate with you. Find another that will fall into your narrative please…

(Can you believe this dude…an actual Black man looked at all those facts and said “so what”..sad and scary)

Hugh Cipher

Hugh Cipher3 weeks ago

+CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe now your putting words in my mouth conflating my argument with what you assume I think. When & where do i say “every” white person is responsible for this systems evils? Where do i say I hate “every” White person? Al it takes is the elite who control this system, & a high % of Whites who ignore those evils or support them i.e.: all those Donald #chump  supporters. The only argument of mine your beating is the false one your creating. A whole lot of White people voted for #Hilary  & are called libratards by your White quasi racist & uber racist friends. I’m cool with those White folks. they don’t deny the truth & the effects of all the systemic fuckery this system has & is implementing


So that was the gist of this whole argument. I was gob smacked at the conviction these Toms had in their belief system. A belief system that consist of them hating those Afro-Americans who’s development has been stagnated by this countries systemic racism. They have a belief system that consist of swallowing the racism Whites perpetuate and deflecting any blame back upon the victims. These people always have a core seed of self hate. Most are usually intelligent and have achieved moderate success in this system.(although I doubt CuRrUpt SyStEm SLaVe  has any real money. The do-rag he wears kinda gives away his economic status…but I could be wrong) They fall under the false belief that since they are successful or come from a successful family all other Afro-Americans should be able to achieve this success also. They don’t understand that they’ve benefited from a more positive environment, were raised in house hold that fell in a higher social economic bracket or they had mentors and other aspects of a support structure that helped them survive the utter and total stagnation Blacks in this countries many ghettos become victim of. It is these factors and the fact that just as roach spray only kills a certain percentage of roaches so does White supremacy’s chief weapon systemic racism only effect a majority of oppressed peoples allowing a smaller percentage to escape, rise above or suffer minimally from its effects. Also being a coon or an “Uncle Tom” main purpose is to tap dance, be submissive and agreeable so that “Massa” doesn’t oppress you as hard as he oppresses those rebellious “niggers”(you will notice when the White man isn’t upset he call you colored,coon ,ect but when Black folk do anything Whitey doesn’t like and goes against t his own belief system he is quick to yell nigger) I am a Black man born in the ghettos on the west coast of this Babylon. I’ve risen over much and could easily be one of these people who feel my less fortunate brothers and sisters are naturally lazy and un motivated and if only if they did what I did they could be successful too. Luckily I have a strong grasp of psychology and human dynamic and under stand most of my brothers and sisters in the “hood” fell victim to White Supremacy’s plot from birth. Being born into a family with low regard for reading and or any form of  education is all it takes. Low wages and a drug filled environment only exasperates this foul circumstance. It angers me when I see these “Tom” types expound rhetoric that implies our fellow brothers and sisters are inherently stupid and lazy and they themselves are inherently  “special and different” when the only thing special about them is they represent that .001% of germs not killed by the germicide of White supremacy and systemic racism