The 1st Cipher (an Introduction)

The 1st Cipher (an Introduction)

Some may know me from Yahoo Answers. Some may know me from my You tube commentary. Many know me as Hip-Hop Rapper and Bay Area pioneer Hugh EMC. I’ve created this blog to address issues of anthropology, history, civilizations origins and the origins of mankind it self. On Yahoo Answers I’ve received email from question askers about certain topics dealing with the roots of civilization ,genetics & history. This is what prompted me in part to create this blog. I consider my self neither Afro nor Euro centric. I consider my self world centric and a scientific thinker. I do my best to look at matters of history & culture through an anthropological lens. I seek truthful non biased answers to questions of race and civilization. I do my best to support my claims with empirical evidence and in the case of an over abundance of circumstantial data i will state the particular claim is a strong theory. Euro centric thinkers will undoubtedly find me Afro centric. This is due to the fact many new discoveries have come forth revealing not only mankind’s roots in Africa but the very roots of language, culture and civilization it self. Euro centrics have had a long history of masking and denying Africa’s role in world culture and civilization and this mind state will prove hard to break in some. Many Afro centrics will consider me brainwashed by Euro centric schools of study but this is untrue. Much of Afro centric claims are over reactions to extreme Euro centric racism so instead of stating something is a probable theory Afro centrics state claims as if they have all of the supporting evidence and this is an error. The way many Afro centrics state their claims only hurt African history over all. I’ve listened to and or read research from so many brilliant Afro centric academics only to find error after error. The errors are usually small but they hurt the over all validity of the theory put forth. In the coming months I will be re posting many of my YA Answers and commentary from other sites but I also will be posting new commentary and linking this blog with my new You tube site that also will be dealing with historical and anthropological issues. I look forward to dialogue with you all.
Ancient coins from North Africa and the Greek Isle of Lesbos

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