The Supreme Empirical Spiritual Science(a brief look at science & spirituality)


Man has sought to reconcile spirituality with science for more than a century. Creationist fall short of this because they seek to prove literal translations of the bible with science. I understand the bible and all spiritual scripture to be symbolic. Only by ciphering the underlying symbolism with in scripture can you ascertain the historic, psychological and scientific meanings. I believe in a universal consciousness. I believe this universal consciousness is the primary causation of the big bang thus the reality we live in. I understand aspects of this universal consciousness are what man worships as God or gods. Allah, Vishnu, Yahweh, Amon Re, Azura Mazda, etc are all different interpretations of the same thing. Just as one has a different name for things in different countries & cultures different cultures have different names for God.  Religious believers misunderstand this & accuse the other religion as being false & theirs being the only true “way” This is like saying there is only one road or “way” to New York. Some ways may be better for some other ways quicker for some but fly, drive, ride, run or walk all will get you to New York. All right handed path religions seek to know and understand the universal consciousness or shall we say  the true God.(Left handed path religions such as Satanism are more about fulfilling animalistic pleasures in man) Atheist argue if a God or God like entity caused the big bang what caused God? They pose this argument as if it’s a foil to the argument in favor of a higher power. I disagree with this. For one the question whether if this universal consciousness(ie:God) has or even needs causation is moot. The question we are addressing is the creation of this universe and life with in it. I feel we can solve the question of Gods existence first and once If having arrived at empirical evidence of God we can then  delve into the question of the causation of the causer. I feel thought/consciousness  operates at the highest form of energy. Many scientists such as Steven Hawkins point to the fact all of our emotions can be traced to chemical reactions taking place with in our brains as proof of the non existence of a God or even consciousness or as Steven Hawkins says humans are “biological machines”. I believe that these biological processes are merely the way our consciousness expresses  its self in the physical realm. The same way an animated computer avatar is a series of pixels, digital bits and bytes activated by electrical impulses humans are a series of organic cells, chemicals and water generating electricity but just as an animated computer avatar needs a person to program and activate it the human body needs a consciousness to activate or shall we say “animate” it. Phenomena such as the function of microtubules, quantum entanglement, universal constants and fine tuning all weigh in favor of something purposely having set this universe into play. I am a believer in a higher power. I believe God and the gods mankind has worshiped are all interpretations of the universal consciousness. Most believers in God be they pagans, Buddhist or Judeo Christians have a superficial understanding of Gods true nature. I believe all things have a scientific explanation but having a scientific explanation does not negate Gods existence. God operates via the laws of physics and nature . All so called miracles can be scientifically explained. This does not negate the divine nature of the miracle it simply explains how God(the universal consciousness ) expressed itself in a highly improbable way in that instance.

Creationist argue against evolution as if the fact of evolution negates Gods hand in the creation and development of life. This is an error in their thinking. Evolution is simply the scientific explanation of how God molded life into the myriad of forms on Earth today. The book of Genesis is a symbolic explanation of how God brought life into existence. Another misunderstanding creationist have is that evolution tries to explain how life was created. Evolution does not attempt to explain how life was created, it simply explains how life evolved after it was created. Atheistic biologist cannot explain how life was  created today and any explanation atheist scientist give are not complete and full of guess work. The atheist for the most part has the same superficial understanding of God as the average church parishioner. It is this superficial understanding most atheist disagree with. This is like saying you don’t like a foreign film, thinking you know the plot but you’ve only been given a partial translation to. The creationist main mistake is trying to prove symbolic scriptures scientifically in their literal sense. Most scientist searching to unlock the keys to the genesis of life rule out the possibility of a universal consciousness existing much less having played a part in sparking life. Again I feel sciences religious hang ups keep them from exploring this possibility. On the other hand Creationist & other religious believers fail to see the symbolism their religious scriptures speak in. Judeo-Christians & Hindus alike take their creation stories literally & disregard any science that seemingly contradicts these bronze age stories. I  seek a scientific approach to understanding Gods existence. This approach I call Empirical Spiritual Scientism.


Richard DawkinsDeepak Chopra and Dr. David Menton seem to be on the left,middle and extreme right of the spectrum from the belief there is no God  and that the bible is a myth to the belief in a universal consciousness that is not at odds with science and a belief in a Judeo Christian God and that literal biblical scripture can be proved scientifically 


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