Black Relationships Pt.1 (Frustrated Men,Angry Women)

I decided to write this after watching a documentary about Black men going to Brazil to find “love” ( or cheap sex take your pick)What I do know is that there is a sad & viscous dynamic between Black men & Black women. Both have been pitted against the other since slavery. During slavery Blacks were breed & a “buck” would impregnate as many women as he could. A male slaves wife could be raped by the master or other White at any time. Slave RapeCenturies of this have damaged Black relationships to this day. Black women have had to become stronger & more independent due to their mates inability to provide & protect them & their off spring. Black men learned to objectify Black women & run from responsibility in the face of situations & circumstances he could not control. The way many Black men have kids with several different women & many seem not to care about the offspring is a byproduct of the Buck mentality when the slave master would force the buck to breed with a female slave & eventually sell off the children. Male slaves had to learn to become detached from his offspring due to the fact his child could be sold off at any time. Child ripped from mothers arms and soldThe Black man has been the direct victim of White Supremacists oppression & over the hundreds of years of this the Black woman has had to become stronger due to the absence of Black male support. Due to systemic racism & oppression Black males cant or have found it hard to become the bread winner or be the “Man” of the house. Over the decades after slavery many the Dehuminization of Black womenBlack males have taken their frustration out on Black women in various ways (physical abuse, emotional abuse etc) Black women have developed a defense mechanism towards Black men & this is that attitude many project when dealing with Black men. Successful Black men wish to be treated like the brother in the documentary says “the man he knows he is” Black women perhaps even subconsciously are still in defense mode & still displaying the strength & independence she has needed to survive over the centuries without a man’s full support. Brazilian woman who many are decedents of African slaves also have a different attitude towards men because Brazilian slaves maintained more of their original African culture. American slaves were fully stripped of their culture. Im not making excuses Im just giving my observation of a phenomenon that needs to be fixed. I also recognize that there are a myriad of other influences that effect Black male and female attitudes towards relationships. The women’s liberation and feminist movement and the independent rebellious attitude towards the status quo displayed by many American women in general plays a part in how Black women respond to and treat Black men also. I love Black women but I know how the brothers in the documentary feel. Ive felt like saying F@!$ Black chicks Im ordering Chinese or Italian tonight. Only my incredible strong and deep attraction to Black women have kept me primarily dating Black women. For now I have simply chosen to deal & work through a sisters attitude in hope we can heal each other because I understand when we bump heads most of the time the root cause can be traced to slavery & systemic racism. I refuse to let Willie Lynch, nefarious government agencies and its agents or anyone else break me & the love of American Black women apart. Black men need to recognize the pain Black women feel and recognize we do need to prove ourselves to be a partner who won’t leave them alone to pay rent & raise kids by their selves. Black women need to recognize when they have a good man that is worthy of not only her love but her respect.

For part II “Black Relationships (Frustrated women/Angry men -The #Swirl Phenom) click here


14 thoughts on “Black Relationships Pt.1 (Frustrated Men,Angry Women)

  1. Ah yes, the “blame slavery” trope. That one never gets old. I wonder why the million and a half whites that were abducted by Muslim raiders during the same period as the Atlantic slave trade was occurring didn’t have similarly endless, debilitating effects. I truly wonder.

    Because, after all, reconstruction never happened. Jim Crow wasn’t a greater (and different) problem from slavery, nor was it geographically limited. In fact, everyone knows that slavery wasn’t a Southern thing, it was an American thing! Most Western territories didn’t abolish slavery from their inception, and most Northern states didn’t dismantle slavery within a few years of the ratification of the Constitution.

    Looking to present structural causes to explain the dysfunctional black family (as well as perhaps *gasp* evolutionary reasons) is a total waste of time. Because it totally isn’t true that “we find that black men and women were married in greater proportions than white men and women until 1960 for men and 1970 for women. Therefore, we make the argument that structural components are more influential than cultural components in determining race differences among never married individuals” (

    • Lol those Whites have long been amalgameted into North African & Arab society.This is far from a decent comparison(if in fact you could find one). The fact there are a myriad of reasons behind the dysfunctional relationships between Black men & women & racism is one of these

      • I think he means that whites don’t bitch FOREVER that we were slaves IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES for 700+ years.
        We don’t DEMAND freebies for something that happened centuries ago.

        Are we made of sterner stuff? Or worse, LESS stern stuff? Look at all the concessions whites granted Blacks over slavery, and how savages would laugh in our face if we DEMANDED reparations from them?
        I believe we have every right to, since we’re the minority in the WORLD, but they don’t give handouts for butthurt, we do.

        Which is why those who push the slavery excuse push it ONLY on whites, not on their fellow savages who have RESTARTED THE SLAVE TRADE IN AFRICA, and especially not on the terrorist cult who never stopped, or on China who don’t have SLAVERY, they have Laogai–Illegals and their own criminals get a “choice” of working for the rest of their worthless lives, OR becoming organ donors for their betters.
        This would be a great way to ease our overcrowded prisons, and once again, prison would be a consequence even the dumbest savage would AVOID, rather than becoming a badge of honor among the savages!

      • it sounds like your “bitching” now. Im simply pointing to history. What happened has happened & its a shame hearing the truth upsets you so.

  2. Slavery and racism has been a broke a** crutch the majority of blacks have leaned on as an excuse for their own behavior. Whenever something doesn’t go their, someone tells them no, when someone doesn’t agee with them, and the list goes on and on. It’s funny how black males (and females) will stab eac other in the back repeatedly without feeling any guilt whatsoever. It’s as normal as breathing for males (and females) to “talk” about one another in the most disrespecting way. None of the problems black people are experiencing stem from slavery, especially since there existed an era referred to as “Up From Slavery.” During this time, black people (especially men) had pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and began building black schools, medical facilities, businesses, etc.

    Blacks even owned/operated/ train stations/railroads. And let’s not forget the black inventors, scholars/historians, and other professionals. Then the civil rights movement happened; that’s what destroyed the black economic base that had been established by black people. MLK, Jesse Jackson, other civil rights activist were the ones who really “set up” black people to be put through the wringer. And millions of black people fell for it: hook, line, and sinker. The likes of MLK, Jesse, and Al have never admitted to the movement being one gigantic mistake. However, Al Sharpton did admit that the movement had destroyed “our economic base.” But that was just once. He didn’t make it habit of admitting the truth. After all of these years (at least 40 years), black people have suffered from the movement, gangs, and crack cocaine.

    Black drug dealers and drug addicts were the ones who invented crack. It wasn’t the CIA. That’s just a strongly-believed myth that trifling blacks made up so they wouldn’t be blamed or held accountable. Ignorant blacks are against blaming themselves for any wrong-doing because 1.) they can’t/refuse to distinguish between right and wrong. If selling

    • I will do you a favor and post some of the little known machinations this government has perpetrated against the African Americans and European powers have perpetrated against so called 3rd world countries.
      You are touching on a clue with your mentioning of the civil rights movement. Blacks having no original cultural of their own(it having been stripped during 300 plus years of slavery) quickly flocked to spend their monies with the Whites who now allowed them to shite in the same toilets they used. They abandoned all the business they once supported out of necessity due to segregation. It actually is deeper and again I will do a proper blog on this.

      As for your claim that uneducated Blacks in urban slums created a variance on synthesized cocoa leaf ie that’s just lunacy. I will leave you with two post civil rights victory quotes from the most powerful men in America at that time

      “you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to”
      “”Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs. – See more at:

      This is the system that currentl manipulates us all and in particular uses the Black population as fodder for its prison industrial complex. Before the Civil Rights victories were cold these plans were put into effect from the very top

      • Are you actually saying cocaine is healthy, and whites FORCED Blacks into it? If so, why don’t we use our Magic Mind Control to subdue savages, instead of Tazers and “guns”?
        And was or was not Welfare and Affirmative Action “put into effect from the very top”?
        Where are your screeds against that?

      • are you actually asking me is that what I meant? c’mon seriously? as for welfare you do know more Whites recieve welfare than any group in America & Afirmative action is a bullshite token jesture that does little to counter balance the White privilidge anglos benifit from and the systemic rode blocks set into this system fro Blacks. You realise after WW2 the government set up a system of financial benifits & housing loans for Americans that primarily was only given to Whites. Much of todays White middle class grew from this government “affirmative action /wellfare” …. educate yourself if you care to do a little reading

      • yes if you consider all Whites allied with government entities …yes “whites” purposely pumped drugs into Black communities. your magic wand is systemic racism & an ilmoral mindset justified by a biased warped view of historic reality

    • Oh just an insight “pulling your self up from your bootstraps” is physically impossible. I had to further digest your comment & im a bit ….well disturbed would be a word of choice that you actually think slavery doesnt effect the Black population today. The gains achieved during this up from slavery era(by which i think you mean the reconstruction era) was wiped out by post reconstruction political manuvers. I suggest you read up on post slavery syndrome & the new jim crow to at least obtain a view on the psycho social effects of centuries of slavery & over 100 yrs of American Apartheid (Jim Crow)

  3. crack is wrong, black drug dealers don’t wanna be right. They don’t want legit jobs because that would be too much like slavery, which they were never actual slaves anyway. That goes for anyone in the drug game.

    2.) You talk all that Jim Crow, post-civil rights, etc and nothing about those times enter the minds of blacks while they comit crimes against each other and other races.

    Oh and what I mean by “pulling theselves up by their bootstras” is when black men throw the burdens of frustration and racism off themselves and make a better life for themselves, family, and others. In order for blacks to get along, they must have unity and they must be capable of basically getting along with one another. And that has nothing to do with other races or slavery. So leave racism and slavery out of it.

    The most dangerous person in the black community is the feral black male. They have outdone and outnumbered white supremecy groups when comes to killing other blacks, including innocent people and children. And these feral blacks weren’t even born nor did they live in slavery times nor the Jim Crow Era.

    • Wow if by any chance you are African-American I feel sorry for you because you misunderstand & carry hatred for your own people and if your not either way I hope your bitterenes dissipates with the truth.
      Successful Blacks achieve inspite racism. They either live in a fantasy world where racism doesnt exist ie: denial or like my self have learned to avoid its traps & deal with what hits us in a positive manner.
      Racism is systemic ie: an ancestor that was barred from education, unfairly incarcerated (either for a crime he didn’t commit or locked up longer than his White Conterpart a crime he did) effects his decendents. Instead of giving his son access to higher education, creating an environment that is pro academic instead the decendents must scramble from scratch for these things.
      This very judicial system is set against the Afro American.

      As for “thinking about Jim Crow” while committing crime the effects of systemic racism doesnt work like that. The fact many Blacks are reduced to crime is a symptom of the societies systemic discrimination. I recommend you read the “New Jim Crow” by Micheal Alexander

      Also history speaks to the fact those that control America planned to replace overt racism with a more “ethereal” form of it
      “you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to”

      This study speaks since racism is less overt it possess a problem for researchers
      Once shown a better way drug dealers will happily take the 9 to 5 route
      With proper knowledge of self & history the wont equate work with slavery.
      How do I know this? Because ive personally have been through this cycle of change & have helped others in their transformation.
      Yes unity is a must but to truly obtain it a love for self must be nurtured a knowledge of self must be taught & a true history of Africans people must be taught. From our kingdoms to our fall into slavery & our recent attempts to rise above or condition
      There are psychological barriers we need to overcome to truly achieve this unity
      Dr. Joy DeGruy – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome:
      You have a small % of Blacks who can ignore the racism arround them & achieve but none can throw off racism ie: something that applied to you by those in power.
      The best you can do is devise tools that allow you to overt come it & successfully deal with racism

      • There IS blatant discrimination, it’s called Affirmative Action, and “Busing” and God knows what other pretty words they can slap on it. Putting Black bullies in an educational environment makes it more conducive to getting beat down, rather than getting an education. Where once we could avoid bad schools by moving, now EVERY school has to walk on eggshells to avoid “offending” the violent savages and making them act violent and savage.
        Hell, Philadelphia handed out pamphlets to Asian students on how to AVOID upsetting the Blacks.
        What other abused group would you give pamphlets on how NOT to piss off their abuser, rather than putting the abusers in jail?
        The Daily KOS even admits that by homeschooling, you are NOT betraying/destroying the community, the community has already betrayed you/destroyed itself. When I first read this, I thought Hell had frozen over. This is not just a Collectivist site, these are COMMUNISTS–admitting that it’s OK to leave the Collective, and NOT be brainwashed with a false Collective ideology? But bullies, “integration” efforts, and a bureaucracy that is downright hostile to any suggestion of improvement, are their biggest reasons for avoiding public schools.

        As to the “kingdoms” savages supposedly had, that’s part of the problem of Afrocentrism. Its allure is based on the idea that either savages had a peaceful, egalitarian society, and/or every savage was a King in Africa, only to be reduced to an “expendable” scullery bot here in America.
        Savages were expendable there too, either the strong tribes raided the weak, or the savage Kings sold THEIR OWN PEOPLE to the Moslem terrorists and to the Civilized World. Doesn’t that sound like THE definition of “expendable” to you?

        As to the political comments, what about LBJ?
        “Give the niggers a little Something, and they’ll vote Democrat for 200 years”. The best way to predict the future is to make it happen, and LBJ not only bought the Black vote, but bought it cheap AND with others’ money!
        Welfare did in 50 years what slavery couldn’t in 150: Made America bankrupt!
        Oh, and broke up the idea of family among Blacks. Black “men” are now free to be serial inseminators, and the “taxpayers” are burdened with the upkeep of the Hellspawn. Is this the way “nature” intended? I have heard a lot of “Black Oppression” theologists say that monogamy was a white invention, forced on the savages.
        Whether it was or not, we now have generational Welfare breeders. Scum that live to breed, breed to live, and will NEVER accept birth-control, sterilization, or responsibility for their shit lives. After all, “Somebody Owes Them”, right?

        While I agree “Somebody Owes Them”, why is it the taxpayers instead of their Baby Daddies?
        And what happened to the ONE LEGISLATOR who DARED suggest Welfare leeches get sterilized?
        Do you know which State that was in, or what happened to him?

    • The eff out of here. Show me where the coca in crops are grown in the U.S.
      Blacks don’t import cocaine. Who Controls imports?

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