A brief explanation of systemic racism, how it effects Blacks and why most Whites & others doubt its extremeness & it existence (a response to a blog about the The King Alfred plan)

I wrote this as a reply to a blog by a White person seemingly wishing to take the blame of historical racism off his shoulders & convey that “all” poor people would be equally “fucked” by a martial law plan like King Alfred or REX 84. Perhaps the King Alfred Plan’s origins lay in a semi fictional book named “The Man Who Screamed I Am!” Written by John A. Williams in 1967 but the REX 84 plan is very real & lays out a plan to place 21 Million African Americans into concentration camps in the event of Black Militants taking violent country wide action. More than a little frightening if your a regular working class Afro American or any Black person.

Most Whites dont understand racism & most Blacks are puzzled as how to deal with it effectively.  whiteguyconfusedPicsArt_1394507650971

black guylookingpuzzled

I wrote this reply( that the blogger unfortunately seems has not allowed to be posted to his site) in an attempt to briefly describe why racism effects Blacks & Whites differntly & why Whites & other ethnic groups dont think it exist anymore or doubt how systemic it is.

I wrote:

I  thank you for your sentiment & I agree we are all affected by classim in today’s America & world. The thing is Blacks are affected by this and racism. I’ll use a brainy comparison to describe how racism effects Blacks but so many other ethnic groups & races are not effected thus doubt & or feel racism no longer exists. I hope also to explain why many Blacks are overly sensitive to issues of race & racism. Racism is like the Higgs field in physics. The Higgs Bozon is the particle/force carrier that gives matter mass. All matter is affected by the Higgs field but some much more so than others. Some pass through the Higgs field with little or no reaction but others are extremly affected by it. Racism has become part of the American cultural fabric & those not affected by it usually don’t acknowledge it. Like the Higgs field much of systemic racism is subtle nigh invisible & only those who feel its effects or those who know what to look for recognize its presence. You can also say racism is like a dog whistle. If you dont see or know a dog whistle is being blown & see a dog going nuts you just assume the dog is crazy. It is true many Blacks are uber sensitive to issues of race.They are angry & parinoid also. Some say idiotic & hurtful things out of rage. I have many White friends & associates so when a racist insults me with some pejorative term I cantlor choose not to) respond in kind due to the fact id be an insensitive asshole to my friends & I know ive hated it when White friends have said racist things out of rage & fustration in my presence so I practice tolerance & glady I know enough scientific facts & history I can respond to racism with some historical or scientific fact that usually pisses off dim witted racist alot more. I agree we all are fucked if martial law is inacted but as a Black person the fact that there is a “REX-84” plan im friggin more frightened & parinoid.


12 thoughts on “A brief explanation of systemic racism, how it effects Blacks and why most Whites & others doubt its extremeness & it existence (a response to a blog about the The King Alfred plan)

  1. Alternatively, some people are simply hypersensitized to racism, and interpret innocuous actions as harboring/concealing racial animosity.

      • This sounds very EASY to thwart: STOP RIOTING!
        As to “Black Militants taking violent country wide action.”, is it from the Black Panthers in the 60s, or a pattern of the savages overthrowing white country after white country, from Haiti back when our nation was founded to South Africa and Rhodesia far more recently–and Italians being replaced as the dominant group in Italy, replaced by…violent Black Militants!
        How many nations have to be overthrown before we can treat Blacks as a threat DUE TO HISTORIC PATTERN, rather than “Racism”?

        If it’s emotionally painful to you to be JUDGED because of these previous examples, imagine how it is for whites who survived these animals, or worse DIDN’T survive this? Look up Amy Biehl. Barely a footnote to the savages in South Africa, right?
        Also, where was this “explanation” when Jesse Jackson admitted–with no bones broken–that he feels “relief” when turning around and it’s only a white guy?

    • Just reviewing comments on my post & I will state yes sometimes non racist actions are viewed as racist but I must also state the hypersensitivity to racism is due to the fact Many Blacks indure racism on some scale be it minor or major regularly. Some of its minor racism thats not specifically targeting the person experiencing it like watching movies & noticing the only/token Black person is the 1st to die or major things like the Black male that gets shot every 28hrs by a cop or White so called vigilante http://www.occupy.com/article/black-man-killed-us-every-28-hours-police
      or being the target of racism ie: hearing the doors click when you pass cars while crossing the street even in your work uniform or being followed in a store when you shop even when your in your work uniform. And of course trying to catch a cab & not being able to get one to stop “even in your work uniform”
      Feeling & our noticing White women tense up when you walk towards them or along the same side walk in close proximity. Yeah there are Black criminals but I noticed White & some other ethnic group can’t or dont care to observe the difference in Black subgroups. I can tell the difference between a working class Black person, a progressive conscious Black person & a thug or dopefiend. Sometimes im like ok your gonna follow the young dude with the baseball cap & sagging pants but hey if im in a construction, nursing or any job uniform don’t profile me like that.
      Its like if all a little kid does is lightly tap you on the arm over & over again it will annoy the shit out of you so yeah some Blacks are hypersensitive to racism because Blacks experience it regularly & sometimes precieve it where its not but the fact is that racism is part of the larger American culture & many Whites do or say unintionallty racist thing or respond in a bias way because American culture is filled racist sterotypes & notions. Blacks experience it on some level regularly & you become hypersensitive to whats emotionally painful & or scary.
      Not an excuse but just an explanation

    • Please allow me to respond to those questions you state I deleted. I truly dont remember seeing those questions & if I did delete them they had to have contained all out racist idiocy & actually ive looked at your blog & I doubt you wrote such a comment that it contained more vehamence than intellectual opinion. Parhaps if you can remember these comments theyll spark my memory

    • The problem here is that I have looked at the wrong thread. Since I didn’t see my comments “in moderation” I thought you had deleted it. You can disregard my useless comment above. I react this way, since I have been subjected to “moderation” several times when making lengthy comments, and this annoys me when someones does this to me.

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