The Game of Chess as a Metaphor for the Afro American Experience


An acutely accurate picture symbolic of the systemic racist, faced by Black people in America

An acutely accurate picture symbolic of the systemic racism, faced by Black people in America

I’m a Chess aficionado but must admit I’m a horribly average player. Nevertheless the game has long fascinated me. It is easy to see why so many people both wise and simple associate its play with life. Everything from relationships to war can be analogized with Chess. Even as a child I quickly saw the games parallels with race,racism and the Black experience in America. I felt the racial implications with Chess so much so that for a time I and my friends would play allowing Black to move 1st. I later abandoned this unorthodox style of play and settled in to master as much of the game as I could allowing the orthodox move of white 1st. In allowing (or recognizing) this I took the philosophical view that allowing white to move 1st was analogous to the fact that in history “Whites”,Europeans and most Caucasians have been the aggressors in every conflict dealing with a darker skinned indigenous aboriginal people. In other words whites 1st move in Chess symbolizes this historical aggression. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing speaks on this phenomena in Chess and other European games in her famous book “The Isis Papers”

In the video below Dr. Welsing discuses her “Color Confrontation Theory” using Chess as a metaphor. (I’ve linked the 2nd part because the 1st part had poor audio)

Another analogy I arrived at is the fact that in proper Chess etiquette an overly superior player allows the weaker opponent to play with white. This is the equivalent of a basket ball player spotting a 10pt handicap to a less skilled opponent. The better player allows the weaker opponent to move 1st thus play with white. This is just another way of viewing this games dynamic and falls in line with  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing  theories on White genetic survival.


When I first began playing Chess I attempted to use the same openings for black that I used for white. Again black always moves second thus starts on defense. I later began to use different openings for black but still would play hoping to eventually use strategies and tactics I use when playing with white. One day I was hit with the epiphany that I simply had to play a fundamentally different game when playing with black.  This may seem like a simple bit of logic to arrive at but it was like a bomb went off in my head (especially since I’m primarily self taught). Yes the basics of the game applied to both sides ie: knights can only move in “L” patterned right angles, the bishops must move in diagonals and stay on their original color and pieces can only move one time per turn-but the way the game is approached must be strategically different if you wish to win when playing with black. The fact black always moves 2nd means that black is at an intrinsic disadvantage from the start of the game and this must be recognized and taken into account when making ones moves.  So technically the game of Chess is intrinsically biased towards the black pieces and the black side of the board. This is analogous to the old and new Jim Crow systems in place today that inhibit the upward mobility of African Americans.


This chess truth can be applied to the Afro American experience. Few African Americans realize just how diametrically opposed this system is to them.

To quote a former American president:

you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.”

-Richard M. Nixon-Rep.

This is right after the so called civil rights movement victories. Here you see the American government at the highest levels wishing to put into place a system to counter the productive gains of the civil rights movement. It seems Nixon and his cronies were succesful when you hear so many Anglo Americans saying that racsim no longer exist. Today you still see factions of the government taking away and restricting the freedoms of African Americans and other minorities.

Afro Americans are also economically denied access to the “American Dream”.


Just as the educational system and much of mainstream literature is biased or contains racist/anti Black elements so does the educational systems of Chess. Most Chess puzzles deal with moves for white. Even when talking about defense the lessons are primarily taught from the perspective of playing with white.


Many of us (Afro Americans) do not realize we must take and make extra effort to succeed in this society. At the age of 11 my father told me that I would have to work twice as hard as a White man in this world. At the time it was “thee” most unfair thing I’d ever heard. Like most things your parents tell you, the full understanding of this did not sink in until I was an adult. You have Blacks that subscribe to the same “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” philosophy touted by White conservatives but they fail to realize you will always have a percentage of people that will succeed in oppressive environments. Just as 1% of a bacteria targeted by an anti-bacterial solution will survive so will a certain % of a targeted group successfully resist or avoid the forms of discrimination used against them. This and the fact that this system grants members of the targeted group that collaborates with it perks and gratuities. They parade these “example” models of the targeted minority group as proof that if only the other members of the group “assimilate” they would be successful too. The fact is that Afro Americans have tried to assimilate into American society for centuries but have been denied full access to the “American Dream” I could easily hold the position that since I’ve been relatively successful other Blacks should be able to replicate my success but I understand its not just that simple. I understand that yes other Blacks could replicate my success but they would also need to possess the knowledge of self and this system I posses. See I fully understand that Black peoples of this world must play life’s “game” according to the tactics and strategies conducive to  Black success and those tactics will be different from White America’s tactics for quite some time to come



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  1. In what possible universe are whites the aggressors?
    Whites build a country, savages want the benefits of their betters’ countries without following the attendant rules and regulations therein.
    You don’t remember the ANC? The ZANU? The MASSIVE invasions by nonwhites of EVERY white country, past, present and future?
    The demands for supremacy in their betters’ countries, disguised as “equality” or “Civil Rights”?

    I mean really, how would you treat someone you hired for a Job–maybe the electrician? Plumber? Cable Guy? DEMANDING not only to STAY in your house, FOREVER, but to have a Say in the decisions of your household? Would you happily consent, or would you tell them, “HELL NO, GET THE FUCK OUT!”? After all, all they’re asking is “equality”, right?
    Except of course, noone should be EQUAL to YOU in YOUR house, right?
    Why is it so difficult to extend this concept to a country?

    Lemme guess, it’s “racist” to recognize this–or to recognize the behavioral problems of other races/cultures whether we make concessions to them or tell them to go home–so we DO have to recognize this and base our laws on this without seeming to. Good luck with that!

    But any law that discriminates against whites can do so openly, without fear of censure, much less being forced to make a less “racist” law, right?

    Holder admits NO EQUALITY under Hate Crime Bill.

    Let’s examine that, shall we? Hate Crime laws violate the equal protection under the law promised us in our Constitution. Worse, it ignores it in the wrong direction. It puts extra punishment on whites who attack savages, but no extra punishment on savages that attack whites.
    It protects the vicious FROM the vulnerable, rather than focusing on those more likely to do harm.

    Also, why do you use the word “Collaborate” instead of OBEY? Those who BELIEVE in Oppression Theology will see that obedience as collaboration, but those who believe in Civilization and Rule of Law will consider that the most obvious statement ever.
    Punish enemies, reward friends has ALWAYS been part of Government, from the Spoils System on up.
    Why do you think the Bum appointed the mega-racist Holder, and the self-proclaimed “Wise Old Latina” instead of people who believe in EQUALITY? They were his collaborators, he rewarded them.
    And do you think that after savage terrorists overthrew South Africa and Rhodesia, they distributed the stolen land and wealth evenly? Or did they keep the best for themselves, second-best for his coterie of favored sycophants, and everyone else is actually WORSE off than when the “Evil Whites” ran their own country?

    You are, however, correct. The “Tactics” for Black “success” ARE markedly different from whites’ success. Whites have to work hard and build themselves up, nonwhites get to whine about “oppression” and shit until their betters GIVE them an ever-larger vig of their betters’ success to shut them up…And every bite is the LAST bite–until the next one, right?
    Failure, fed through faith in the (enforced) equality of the races, is Black Power. The black elite and their white allies love black failure, even if they don’t know it.

    Conventional thinking on race doesn’t exaggerate the problem, it inverts it. Reverse the arrow of causation, reverse the arrow of moral responsibility. The uneasy Left senses this. It isn’t that white America cannot honor its debt to blacks because the sins are too profound, it’s that black America can’t honor its end of the bargain–to become peaceful and productive–due to a lack of human capital and will. Anchored to a moralistic fallacy–Black inferiority is unthinkable ergo impossible–we can only go down, and we do, scrambling to define deviancy down and adapt mores to accommodate Black behavior.

    What would happen to whites who went to a nonwhite-run country and DEMANDED political advantage? Do you really think any nonwhite country would waste 43 minutes rounding up white rioters ALIVE? Or just “solve the problem” with a clip or two of bullets? Why aren’t whites allowed this “easy way”?

    • Your very tone in this diatribe is aggressive. You seem to be toatally unaware of the built in White affirmative action that has always existed. Europeans stole the house your speaking of. Europeans used forced free labor to build this house. This is one major reason why America is a world power today. The 400 plus years of free slave labor allowed America to prosper on levels their European cousins no longer could due to the fact many European countries peacefully abolished slavery long before America had to rip it self apart to do so. The malignant elements in Afro American culture/behavior are all rooted in European brutal treatment & oppression. Yes we have a duty to correct the problems in our culture but in recognizing this duty we also recognize the culprit,the infector who planted the virus of corruption in our people. Blacks have been barred from education,employment & fair housing since slavery & the overt system of jim crow which only ended 55 yrs ago or so. Blacks are given far harsher penalties for the same or similar crimes in this racist judicial system. Unfortunately far to many anglo Americans think as you do thus the goal of true equality is farther off than a righteous person would wish.

    • “In what possible universe are whites the aggressors?”

      In this ACTUAL universe. In THIS world, in fact, and in the United States, to be particular:

      According to the United States Department of Justice, West Asian (“European”) or “white” Americans commit the majority of crimes, and they are also responsible for a vast majority of violent crimes.


      84 percent of ethnic West Asians (“whites”) people killed every year are killed by other “whites”.
      In 2011, there were more cases of “whites” killing “whites” than there were of ethnic Africans (“blacks”) killing “blacks”.
      Between 1980 to 2008, a majority (53.3 percent) of gang-related murders were committed by ethnic West Asian people, with a majority of the homicide victims being “white” as well.


      West Asians are also more likely to kill:
      -the elderly,
      -family members,
      -their significant others, and
      -even themselves!


      In 2013, West Asian (“White”) Americans led all other groups in
      -aggravated assault,
      -weapons-carrying, and

      When it comes to sexual assault, West Asian (“white”) Americans take the forcible rape cake.

      West Asian (“white”) Americans commit more
      -sex-related crimes,
      -gang related crimes, and
      -are more likely to kill at their places of employment. via via

  2. PS, the only reason you have to work twice as hard to get the same amount of respect, is that others who LOOK like you have spent the better part of 2 CENTURIES behaving like animals because whites let them off the chain too early.

    If Blacks had IMMEDIATELY acted right and assimilated, that bad rape would be something I made up, right?
    So in “working twice as hard” ONE of that is just working to get your due, the OTHER is convincing your betters that you are not like those others.
    Ironically, I bet you WORSHIP those others, those violent “Black Power” Animals who GAVE you that bad rap, in the name of trying to FORCE whites to declare them “equal” to their betters. Am I wrong?
    Khalid Muhammad?
    Black Panthers?
    WEB Dubois and his “Talented Tenth”?

    Hell, you probably think the riot in Baltimore was DESERVED!
    BUT look at it from whites’ POV: Blacks rioted over a thug. The only reason Blacks would RIOT instead of celebrate–even sarcastically–a dead thug, is if they were ALL thugs, like the old joke about a Moderate Moslem wanting another Moslem to behead you.
    So Blacks cling to the thugs, the criminals, the detritus, and don’t understand why THEY are considered the same as the detritus they flock around…Why is that?
    Conversely, in the same month, at least TWO black cops killed WHITE thugs. One was not even punished, the other got tried and acquitted.

    Maybe it’s because whites are “too peaceful” to riot? Or MAYBE–just MAYBE–It’s because whites see the death of a thug as a GOOD thing!
    “CONGRATULATIONS! One less thug! Now you only need 999,999 more to get that Chuck Norris Award!”

    • one simply reads what youve written & marvels at the fact you’d doubt the fact Whites have been the aggressors towards natives & peoples of color for the past 600 plus years.
      This country has never allowed Blacks to freely assimilate. Far to many anglos share your world view. Blacks have been forced to combat those who think like you at every step up the ladder. The truth of the matter is that the killing of an unarmed human is an act of evil. You can call someone a thug all you like but this does not erase the ilmoral nature of what happened

    • the last thing im worried about is proving something to someone with the delusion they’re my better but who actually are slower,less intelligent & weaker than me

      i won’t bother to address your assumptions on what i think or “worship” ill only state that this is the problem with those who think like you….a mind filled with anger & hate can only assume other minds are equally wrathful

      • Thank you for setting this person straight. It is obvious that this person is filled with hate. He is likely under the spell of FOX FRIENDS.

  3. I always enjoy your pov Hucipher. I am working on a novel which deals with some racial issues which could get over my head so I’ve started a research project on some of the archaeological evidence which is known and suspected.

    I ran into your friend Robert Lindsay’s blog right off the bat and saw you there as a regular contributor to the discussion. I followed the link to your blog.

    I do tend to like both of you and do hope to bring some sort of mutual respect and understanding across racial lines. I thought I would find some objectivity in racial issues in the anthropology arguments. Imagine my surprise when I find white supremacist arguments (like the one above) that would make a clansman blush and some from the other side (The Albino constantly covers up his true history because the truth is not in him – yada-yada) I do hope to find some sort of consensus, or something I can believe – most likely from the OOA side – but I am open to the truth, whatever it may be. And – it’s hard to place greater priority over truth – but hope and good will are also very high on my list of priorities.

    I do hope we can establish a dialogue which will aid my search. 🙂

    Now, as for this article – comparing chess to the black experience. I am White and I have wasted a good deal of my early life in trying to understand that wicked game. I developed into a class B player in high school – if you’ve spent much time around tournament chess you’d know that means basically for every 200 rating points you have a higher class. Thus Class A is 200 points higher than Class B, Expert 200 points higher than Class A and Master 200 points higher than Expert. For every 200 rating points a higher rated chessplayer would be expected to beat the one rated 200 points lower about 9 times out of 10. And there is very little luck involved in the game. So, that’s basically some perspective on chess rating.

    Now – on to your example of chess as a metaphor for ‘the black experience’ (sorry, not your wording) for one thing it’s really not like spotting someone 10 points in one-on-one hoop – that would be more like spotting someone a Rook or Queen – a much bigger advantage than having the first move. I think it would be the equivalent of giving them the ball first and playing a game to 20 by ones. In fact, chess opening theory, has basically come to the conclusion long ago that the initiative granted by having the first move is equalized by the player with the black pieces – with best play by both sides – within 20 moves under the openings by white which hold this initiative the longest.

    I have always preferred playing Black – at least once I understood chess well enough to decide which openings I preferred with White and Black. As a matter of fact, I liked my openings with Black so much that I eventually preferred my White openings to be a reverse of my favorite Black defenses. I loved the Sicilian Dragon against White King pawn openings and The Benko Gambit against Queen pawn openings. And would always love to get it reversed from the White side if that were possible. Yes, this was unusual among my peers. Most of them loved their Ruy Lopez or Queen’s Gambit or what have you. But the point is, being Black is not nearly as disadvantageous in chess as it is in life. Or at least that’s how I saw it – especially being a huge fan of Muhammad Ali and Isiah Thomas. 🙂

    I do hope that disagreeing with you right off the bat doesn’t set us off on the wrong foot. 🙂

    • Wow ive just begun experimenting with the dragon. I currently use that opening alot. i would agree being Black living in a White culture places you at a greater disadvantaged than playing black in Chess. There are parallels & the one similarity I see is chess novices attempting to play a “white” game with the Black pieces. You simply cant & expect to win &I find this similar to the way many Afro-Americans approach life in America. If an African American approaches employment, education & or business expecting fairness & not to be bombarded by some form of prejudice he/she will be quite miserable & fustrated-ill soon blog on my theories behind the causations of “Black angst & attitude” which i feel are in part rooted in this expectation of fairness (which is only natural) I see the parallel between a chess player who learns he/she must use different openings & color control strategy when playing black & an Afro American who understands he/she must work harder,expect discrimination & speak the dominant cultural language to succeed in America. I dont speak with a “White” accent but I am able to speak with & understand Anglo speech intonations. I find i simply get along with my coworkers better even to the point all most all of my field partners have been Anglo. I look at it as if im in Mexico i gotta speak Spanish & learn the culture to get along & i find its the same working & doing business with the larger society-White work/business culture is the template. Japanese business men wear suits not Kimonos. Many Blacks have very little experience with Whites on an consistant level to the point they can absorb the mannerism of White culture thus comfortably emulate them at the work place. There are other reasons many Blacks simply approach “the game” wrong. As i stated im a horribly average player. my favorite opening with White is kings knight to f3 followed with queens pawn to d4. i have no idea whats the name of that opening -i also usually fianchetto my black bishop but being my favorite opening id try it in black & well you know that was no beuno lol. Im currently learning new openings to build up my repertoire. I play on under my hip hop monicker HughEMC. feel free to hit me up. As for the persuit of truth & knowledge we both know there are alot of strong opinions out there. i see some cases of people having very valid information but its skewed by the cultural lens they look out of. For my self i hold the latest information from accredited sources in the strongest account. I also hold information confirmed by the multiple respected indipendent sources in higher account. For example if you have an ancient literature source complimenting a archeological source complimenting a truthful genetic source thats pretty much a concrete conclusion. Another hurdel in aquiring the truth is how peoples brains literally work. In my research im finding many humans are psychologically wired to have confirmation bias,selective reasoning,cognitive dissonance & such. This makes it that much harder to accept the truth or convince others of the “truth” I ended a debate with a guy with the line “hey people are still argueing about climate change” I wil end my ramble here. Im glad youve enjoyed my & Roberts conversation & i look forward to your novel & hope you find my information useful

  4. Great reply, thank you. I guess I need to do something about my settings to make sure I get notices of replies.

    Chess, anthropology and “race relations” – three great subjects. It’s early in my research but I am leaning toward the OOA viewpoint (with the implication that we are all one race – we just diverged at one point in time) – and if that’s where I stay then I just have to figure out how the white lineage came about (or at least a couple reasonable theories mentioned as possibilities) and how they came to ‘rule the world’. I do have some entertaining ideas that I think will be fair to all sides – hopefully when I’m done it’s something Alice Walker herself may be proud of.

    The White opening you mention 1. Nf3 followed by 2. d4 is known as the “Reti Opening” named after Richard Reti who was part of the “Hypermodern School of Chess” primarily around the early 19th century, I believe. Reti, Nimzovich & Tartakower were some of the bright lights of this style of play. I think that the “Hypermodern School” could teach good lessons to many African-Americans about how to deal with the white power structure. Basically the hypermoderns fought against the idea of the Classical or Romantic school which sought to sacrifice pieces and pawns for a Kingside attack, in order to accomplish an early checkmate. Fianchettoed B’s (especially on the K-side) which took aim at the Center where the Classical side would often amass a huge pawn center typifies the contrast of the two styles. The Hypermoderns sought to let them go for their checkmate, but after weathering their attack due to sound defense would later win the battle after the forces were depleted and the attacking side had squandered too many of their resources in search of the early knockout – of course boxing and other fighting styles may use that strategy as well. Most notably Ali’s defeat of Foreman (1974?) in which he employed the ‘rope-a-dope’ tactic is very similar to what the Hypermoderns were aiming at. Needless to say the Indigenous peoples of the world may also do well to employ this strategy as a way to defeat the multi-national corporate approach in ‘raping the Earth’ for an early knockout per se in their greed to run the world.

    I haven’t played on in quite a while, but I may have to return there sometime soon when my schedule clears up a bit so we could discuss more chess. HughEMC haha – kinda like Huey Newton meets Einstein? 🙂

    • Thanks and im going to use that comparison “Huey Newton meets Einstein”. I usually get the “like Huey Newton” Just a few quick comments on the origins of the Caucasian race. OOA is pretty solidly proven via genetics and anthropology. The climatic changes during our last ice age changed every body. Possibly even frizzed up many Black peoples hair due to Africa being hotter and drier because of all the moister frozen in ice caps. If you’ve yet to see this documentary A reference on how Whites grew to dominate the world is Jared Diamonds :Guns,Steel, & Germs”,_Germs,_and_Steel.html . Technically it was the fact that Eurasia naturally had all of the elements for complex civilization -easily domesticated crops and animals and a temperate climate. Actually Asia is the most geographically and environmentally hospitable environment for humans thus Asia has the two most populated nations on Earth India and China. In Africa there are no native domesticable animals(well there is one-the guinea fowl) or crops(maybe a few grains but nothing like wheat) and the animals that are native have a deeply ingrained “wild” predatory/prey instinct that to this day just cant be overcome. This is the same for the Americas,Australia and most tropical Island countries. Other things like Europe’s feudal based societal structure helped and actually fortunate happenstance like Genghis Khan turning his Golden Horde around before he pressed into western Europe and victories over Persia and Carthage and holding the Moors at southern France giving Europe time to later capitalize off of Islamic sciences and Eastern tech that was gradually introduced. Europe’s location near Africa and Asia was a perfect position to influence and be influenced by both these regions. Im sure as you research from this angle you’ll see alot of events and circumstance that helped in Europes rise. An similar example is Japan. Europe could have smashed Japan but Japan was able to hold European influence at bay long enough to modernize then later throw their own weight around. It can be say it was luck or fortune that European powers decided not to invade Japan. Also Japans fortunate Kamikaze winds thwarted Genghis Khans invasion twice so in this case both Europe and Japan benefited from fortunate happenstance(think ill make a blog of this lol)
      Thanks again and let me know what you think of Guns,Steel and Germs

  5. I liked that, thanks Hugh. I wasn’t aware that the most recent ice age just ended about 13k YBP, nor that evidence of the first human settlement with food storage was discovered in Dhra’ and projected to be back at 11.5k YBP. Good info.

    I like Diamond’s conclusions, but I feel something is missing. Yes, “guns, germs and steel” do account for much of the discrepancy in power differential, confrontational advantages and technology development. But, I think there was very likely a traumatic event or series of them in White/European/Caucasian people’s history which caused them to see mother nature as a foe more than the happy, peaceful, naturally sustainable indigenous peoples of the world who have always been such a stark contrast to the Caucasian people.

    Not to be a self-hater – but there is something different about the way white culture has evolved. Greed, fear and hate of indigenous cultures and mother nature herself is a trait which is attested to both from the testimony of the whites and those whom they have conquered.

    I think Diamond comes closest to saying this when he talks about how the various plagues and diseases the Europeans caught primarily from their domesticated animals affected the white immune systems. I think that those diseases may not be the only influence which has threatened the survival of the white race and made them feel like nature and every other group of people were their enemy.

    In Alice Walker’s “By the Light of My Father’s Smile” one of her characters puts forth the suggestion that while people felt deserted by nature for having to endure the ice age and were pissed off when they started traveling the world and found various darker skinned people lounging around in the warmer climes in tune with nature. I think that is one very likely explanation. I think this Albino thing may be another possibility – IOW if white people came primarily from African Albinos and/or they interbred with them to a great extent, this would be one more thing to ‘hate the world’ for. i.e. if they were oppressed and chased out of Africa due to their lack of melanin they may hold a very long range grudge against their African brothers with normal melanin levels.

    In any case, what we have now is the greed of the Europeans and its fueling of many technological advances putting us on the brink of destroying mother nature. The dire rush of the Europeans to expand technology must now be balanced by the natural sustainable attitude that most indigenous cultures around the world never lost.

    What do you think? Are there major holes in my argument? Or is this all Captain Obvious stuff and not really an interesting theory at all?

    • Long before i read diamond i felt living in the ice age for at least 35k yrs did affect how Europeans looked at nature. Only in Europe do you have a “man against nature” philosophy. Every where else one strives to be intune with nature. I think the ice age played a part but the Han Chinese Asian spent a long period in ice age conditions as did other mongoloid peoples & they dont seem to have this war with nature philosophy. Also pagan Europe had a in tune with nature tribal culture so perhaps the constant wars in the small European peninsula helped shape Europes views on nature. I see Europe’s constant wars as a major driver in technology innovation & development. I dont believe Europeans evolved from Albinos. The mutation for European skin tones is totally different & actually has been traced to the lack of vitamin D in European diets after cereal grains became the basic food source about 9 to 8k yrs ago. The Greeks & other Caucasoid ancients don’t appear to have the same color prejudice as their decendents have today. I trace this back to conflict over land & resource as in the Araya migration /invasion into south Asia & later to the Arab & Trans Atlantic slave trade. Basically using color to justify the taking of lands & enslavement of peoples. Europeans & Asians did interbreed with Neanderthal who had hair ranging to the blonde & red spectrums & may have had lighter skin pigment being the only hominid to evolve in Eurasia. I think all these elements have come together to form a perfect storm of sorts. I whole heartedly agree modern man must balance our out of control tech driven society with the tribal ways of balance & respect of nature. otherwise mother nature will react in an unkind way

  6. Yes indeed. Good feedback, thank you.

    I ‘feel’ like I have a good spiritual understanding of the situation. But I’m a real novice with all the scientific arguments. I did take note of some genetic arguments showing almost 5% of Asian/Caucasian gene pools had neanderthal DNA but Africans had none – my biggest question there is – how do they feel so confident in identifying genes from extinct species?

    Another thing that seems to be quite typical of European culture is the way they organize their culture – they tend to feel inferior in most purely physical contests with other cultures/peoples and have a knack for inserting a layer of interface in order to achieve an advantage, this layer may be tools, domestication of animals, paperwork, etc. and this is something that I think modern African-Americans constantly fail to understand/remember when interfacing with white power structures.

    On another note – I’ve gotten back into the chess habit – I sent you a FR at

    • cool i will check my request. I trust science & i know enough science to understand when scientists are espousing an incomplete theory or something they have solid evidence of. I also figure as long as they have viable dna they have the skill to analyze it. As i understand it technically all of lifes dna basic structure is the same it simply became more complex in each creature as it evolved ie we share ruffly 95% of the same dna with Chimps & Bonobos. With White Supremacy permeating our culture I consider anything coming from the scientific establishment confirming OOA or other Afro centric beliefs as them keeping it real inspite the wider culture wishing to deny it. usually i find archeologist confirming things like say Nubia having the world oldest Monarchy but the establishment still keeping this out of the school books or comon knowledge. I feel European total supremacy did not begin until the late 15th early 16th century. This is when all the elements needed to conquer the world came together & gelled. Chinese gun powder,paper & compass, Arab triangular sail for better ship travel & Alchemical science , Moorish architectural techniques & the European fuedal culture & drive to discover new lands for profit came together & set the foundation of the world we live in today. The only reason non mixed native Africans have no Neanderthal dna is because neander never migrated into Africa & is only 1 of 2 human sub species to evolve outside of Africa. The other was Denisovan a close cousin of Neanderthal.

      • Hmmm – I feel you can be of great help to me in navigating this scientific mine field – I appreciate you being there.

        A couple quick questions – one definitely on topic, the other maybe not so much.

        First one – on topic (IMO) – the guys at this site: they are definitely not buying the European view of history – but I get the definite opinion that you are not buying what they’re selling. This may be an unfair question – but how do you divide yourself out from them?

        Second question, quite possibly totally off topic – I see the world thru a bit of a truther lens, tho I know not everyone is over there and try to understand where people are and deal with their perspective where it is. I see one of the huge turns in history when the Rothschild family (and a few others) took over international banking, yes the stage was set by the things you mentioned, but to me this was THE big point in history which locked up European hegemony.

      • Im familiar with http://www.realhistorywww .com & ive gotten alot of useful information but just like Eurocentric sources ive had to comb thru the inaccuracies on that site. I think their albino theory on the origins of the Caucasoid was developed before science proved via genetics the mutations & environmental causes of White/lighter skin. I somewhat subscribed to a similar albino theory but Im constantly trying to stay intune to the latest scientific facts & i have no problem with saying “ok im wrong” when i make a new more valid discovery. My view is that now only the fact Albinism is a mutation that changes skin & eye color(occular Albinism makes the eyes look blue so you have dark skinned Africans with blue eyes but its usually a form of Albinism) points to the fact humans can mutate & a negative mutation like Albinism would have been an advantage in the dark dreary cold ice age. I really cant say how i set my self apart from extreme Afrocentrics but one thing I use accredited academic research to validate my arguments & im not searching for information that pushes “im superior” hype. Im looking for truth & i find that truth is relative but the more sources from differing angles that point to the same thing the more likely that thing is a truth. Also one must be honest & accurate in discerning what thay truth is. Example: you have alot of stats pointing to Black crime & the truth of this is that a higher proportion of Blacks are arrested for crime. That’s the only truth that data says but interpreting that data as saying Blacks have a genetic predisposition to commit crime is a leap in logic & has no real empirical evidence ( say like a gene type identified as a “thief” gene found in higher proportion in Blacks than others) many racist will make these leaps without key supporting data & never considering other causations. When the albino theory was developed (& this can be traced back to the 1930’s & the Nation of Islam’s Yakub story) it seemed plausible but today with the recent research it is clear albinism is not the origin cause for the evolution of the Caucasoid. One still would have to account for the change in skull shape & nose length. Albinism just changes skin color & its a totally absence of melanin & Caucasoids have melanin just not as much & mixed Caucasoid peoples like some East Indians have alot

  7. Science and truth are important – being kind to each other and trying to see the best in everyone is as well. Sometimes I am conflicted on which way to go.

    NOI – boy that is the real wild card of the Islamic world and of African-American political groups. They gave us Muhammad Ali – which I can’t find a damn thing wrong with him myself, I believe Malcolm X was at least somewhat affiliated with them. Then some of the stuff the others come up with – wow.

    Thanks for the insight on – gives me some perspective on them.

    As for the African-American and crime stats kept in the US. Certainly the stats will be skewed for all sorts of reasons. The idea that Blacks are genetically predisposed to such behavior I think is really just the shadow of Klan thinking and worse that we are all trying to move past. But one of my favorite theories on a possible reason for a high incidence of Black crime in America is the feeling of disenfranchisement. If you feel the game is rigged and certainly history is on your side in showing that, well there are a few ways you can go – work twice as hard as everyone else in the hope that your karma will be rewarded some day, steal a little piece of the pie that you feel you deserve or simply give up on your right to exist as a full and equal partner. I just think that until that playing field gets leveled people have to understand that shit is gonna be messy for a while.

    I guess world banking and other truther type arguments are a little beyond the scope of what you would like to see discussed in this venue?

    • I wholeheartedly agree that truth & truth in science is of utmost importance. I also do my best to be cordial even in heated debates. The NOI has & still plays a huge role in exposing Afro Americans to history & giving us a pride in self. Malcom X was educated in NOI dogma & study techniques. He later outgrew the orginization,got envoled in a serious split with its leaders & many feel the CIA & or FBI cointel pro assisted in & helped egg on Malcom’s assassination. As for Black crime, poverty & lack of education are key causations. I agree feelings of angst & feelings of hopelessness centered around the belief Blacks well never get a fair shake. Lack of education leads to & reinforces poor work ethic. I knew as a teen i simply never wanted to work for “the man”. Fortunately I had parents that pushed me. Some Blacks hold the feeling that “why work hard? They will never treat you fair” As for the world bank Id like to learn more about its role in the oppression of third world & poor peoples

  8. I’m reading an incredible book right now called “Unplugging the Patriarchy” which found its way to me in the most amazing bit of synchronicity. The woman who wrote it is an ordained Buddhist monk, had an amazing teacher and found this amazing group of people to connect with thru her teacher. One of them told her that her “spirit guides” told her when it happened that 9/11 was an inside job. When 9/11 happened I was totally caught up in the Neocon crap for years – I listened to Hannity and Limbaugh religiously. Eventually (maybe 5 years after 9/11) I watched some good documentaries on the Sundance channel – one, my first “9/11 truth” film, one on how Halliburton was ripping off the country and one about how Diebold stole elections. These films began to disturb my core, but I could not wrap my mind around what really happened on 9/11 for a few more years. There are basically two avenues of seeing 9/11 for what it really is IMO: 1. Physically – buildings (especially steel-framed skyscrapers) just do not neatly fall into their own footprints like that except under controlled demolition circumstances. 2. Spiritually – All the loss of individual freedoms in this country since that time tell you what you need to know about motive.

    Anyway, in this book she gives the most clear, concise analysis of how modern banking evolved into the monster it is now with all these inter-connected world banks using fiat money to enslave the world’s population.

    My first 9/11 film was where I first heard of Smedley Butler who wrote “War is a Racket” which I shared a link for over on Robert’s blog. Butler was an incredible patriot who not only wrote that book, but testified before congress back in the 1930’s that a group of businessmen (which included US Senator Prescott Bush – father and grandfather of a couple US Presidents) approached him with a plot to initiate a coup of FDR and install a fascist POTUS. As much as this sounds like an incredible “conspiracy theory” it is actually a matter of public record – hidden in plain sight where our free media doesn’t even touch it when this man’s descendants are running for POTUS. Talk about the ‘loyal opposition’! Another thing that is a matter of public record is that Prescott Bush had assets seized toward the end of WW2 under the “trading with the enemy act” why? Because the group of bankers he represented had been financing Nazi Germany for years and he took the admonishments to stop rather lightly.

    • whoa…I reposted the “War is a Racket” book & a long time friend of mine told me he has read the Smedley book also. My friend helps developing countries set up democratic elections & other things(i tease him & rib him about being a spy on the under lol) & has seen the aftermath of western corruption in many of these countries up close. The main thing that stuck out to me about 911 is building 7. It fell but wasn’t hit by any plane or debri. Ive also read there was a financial motive because the owners of the trade center wanted to remodel the complex anyway. 911 let them clear out the joint,rebuild it with better buildings & subway connections plus clean up on the insurance. Ive heard Prescott Bush helped fund Nazi’s. Killing FDR is just bannanas. Prescott was in on this? He never was punished? thats foul

  9. Yes, Butler testified before Congress and said that Sen. Prescott Bush was in the group (there were other more major players) but Congress just kinda didn’t know what to do with that testimony is my feeling. They certainly respected Gen. Butler, but trying to round up that many big names on the testimony of one man would be a nightmare basically, I think.

    The reason they ever exposed themselves to Butler was because there was a problem with vets of WW1 who wanted their claims paid in gold and they wanted him to convince them that their claims were unnecessary, if I understand that part of it correctly – that plus he was just sort of a working class soldier’s hero.

    Here’s a decent article on the “coup that wasn’t”:

    And here’s one on Prescott’s Nazi dealings:

    That’s pretty cool that you’ve got that friend in place with a bird’s eye view of that ongoing corruption. 🙂

    • Thanks for this info. I must admit im still digesting it. I had heard FDR was influenced by an elite to get rid of the gold standard. The information you’ve given me suggest there was another elite group that wanted to instigate a coup because he abandoned the gold standard. Are you familiar with this aspect of the gold standard theory? What little I’ve dug into points to a panic started when the English banks started to fail and its citizens wanted to cash in their paper money for bullion. Looking into this has had me going into various directions and I’m a little confused on FDR’s position on the federal reserve bank but it seems the FR bank played a part in the eventual abandoning of the gold standard…..complicated buggery I’m still ciphering through

  10. If i bring a chessmaster up here and i ask him, “what are the principles by which i can become a master of this game of chess?” he’ll say these four things:

    1. He’ll say that “you need a sense of patience.” alright? if you don’t have patience, don’t even try to begin the game- to learn.
    2. He’ll say, “you need a sense of timing. if you don’t have a sense of timing, don’t open the book.”
    3. You have to have knowledge of your opponent. alright?
    4. And then the fourth one they’ll tell you is that you have to be willing to make any and all sacrifices.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, why are the dark side winning the game?

    1. It’s ‘cause they got infinite they’ve been workin’ on one thing for 50,000 years. i call that patience.
    2. They got a brilliant sense of timing, ‘cause they know all about astrology and the divination that we’ve forgotten, that our agricultural ancestors all knew about. “well, we’re with the julian calendar and we’re not interested in any of that stuff anymore.” we’re slaves of the watch, but we don’t know about the higher timing, to rule our own lives by.
    3. They have amazing knowledge of you. right? they have intense knowledge of us, their enemies.
    4. And the fourth one is the clincher, isn’t it? ‘cause they’re willing to make any and all sacrifices when and wherever they need to do it.

    (from “Esoteric Agenda”

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