The Santa Claus controversy: Black vs White or “Should we just make Black Pete ‘White’ Pete now?”

    Michigan-Santa-Claus-LLC  VS  Black Santa 1

To be truthful I really don’t care about Santa’s color but I am also a historical accuracy nut so being that Santa Claus is based on a Greek saint named San Nicola that lived in whats now Turkey circa 300 ad I’m for his image being depicted as White. I mean dont bring me any of that “all ancient Egyptians were White” bullshite and I wont bring you any Black Santa’s-deal?


Eastern Orthadox Icon of Saint Nicholas

The Surprising Origins of Santa Claus – 

The Germans helped make Santa Clauss aka St.Nick aka Kris Kringel aka Pelznickel (yeah I know I know) popular in Europe & the English fused him with their Father Christmas character. Later America totally co-opted Saint Nick & today he has probably sold more products than Vince Offer could ever hope to hock.


Every year Santa helps sell Trillions of dollars of merchandise                       Christmas sales for 2015



Santa keeping up with todays modern tech (looks like Santa’s an Andriod guy)


Yes Santa is based on an actual historic figure but the key words are “based on” as in the way Sevarus Snape is based on JK Rowlings high school teacher.  So many look at it as since Santa Claus is a fictional character it really shouldn’t matter to anyone what color or even species he is (I mean whats up with an Elf Santa? or giving the head job to Rudolph? im just saying). I also find it crazy how some White people argue against having a Black Santa (or Annnie or Human Torch or Nick Fury or any other cool revamp of an old fictional character) by comparing making Santa Black to making Martin Luther King (or some other great Black historical character) White. Im like “uhh duh” those are real historic figures not fictional creations – sheesh


Don Lemon weighs in on the Santa debate

I also understand people (or most people undamaged by colonialism,slavery & racism) depict their gods & other icons in their image. I mean have you ever seen what Jesus looks like in China? Picture Jet Lee with long hair in a robe.


A very “Asian” looking Christ found in many Churches in East Asia


So psychologically I under stand Black parents not wanting their kids to identify & fixating on a fat White guy as the giver of things you desire. Beyond that im more concerned about Black Christians praying to a White Jesus.(but thats another blog)


Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Obviously a lot of people really do care what color or race Santa Claus is portrayed as. The passionate and angry reactions by a lot of our Anglo American friends is proof of peoples strong feelings on the matter.

Megan Kelly emphasizes to America’s kids “Santa is White..and says so is Jesus”

My suggestion to White folks is to get even. Yeah get in on some good ole’ tit for tat. Start a “White” Pete tradition. For those who are unfamiliar with the “Black Pete” tradition I’ll briefly explain. Black  or “Zwarte” Pete is one of Santa’s or Sinterklass’s “magical” helpers and it’s a tradition celebrated in Belgium, Netherlands and other North Western Germanic countries.


For a more indepth origin of  Black Pete click here

The original legned says Black Pete is a Moor from Spain and later in the 20th century the tale of Saint Nick freeing Black Pete from servitude to the Emperor of Babylon was created and this explained why Black Pete pledged his life in service to Sinterklass.


Black Pete in a Moorsih vest with Santa        (dig the shot gun  on the wall, man Santa aint no punk)


Black Pete in European Page uniform with a Moorish gold ear ring

As in the the pictures above some of the ealier dipections of Black Pete were more tastful but the modern dipetcions can be down right racistly insulting.( ie: Othello black face vs Al Jolsen) If Black Pete wasn’t depicted as such a caricature the tradition might not be so offensive.



Uberly racist Black Pete candies

From the above pictures one could see why Afro Europeans and even many White Europeans take offense to Black Pete. There is a movement attempting to ban Black Pete in Europe but it is a deeply ingrained and yeah loved tradition that won’t die easy. 


“Free Piet” A culturaly diverse crowd rallies in support of doing away with Black Pete

Some have begun depicting Black Pete in blue or orange as an attempted middle ground.

(kinda like Dragon Ball Z did with Mr. Popo I guess. In fact wonder if they got the idea for Mr. Popo from Black Pete?…racist things that make you go uuhhmm? )


As I’ve said I think a great way to diffuse some of this Black vs White Santa beef is for White folks to make Black Pete White. Im mean it a be a little friendly tit for tat. So hows about it my conservative evangelical Christian friends? Throw on a medieval  Moorish page’s out fit and a blond afro wig and embrace your inner White Pete……..looks like the ever progressive Europeans are beating us to it already (but what else is new?)






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