PRINCE- a short reflection on my 1st introduction to his music


Its the Purple Ones birthday today & rightfully so the internet is a buzz. Since Alexander Nevermind’s death ive intended to write a blog on my eclectic idol. Im a socially conscious person so my 1st inclination is to write about Prince’s social stance & how he has influenced America’s cultural zietgiest. Instead of delving into such heady water i’ll write about how after seeing my friend Thembisa’s Face Book post on Prince’s choreography I was brought back to memories of my 1st hearing Prince’s music. Ive never been a great dancer but was particularly horrible when I was a nerdy bespectacled tween. I remember my step sister Jamilah threw a party & me being uberly shy tried to melt into the couch rather than asking one of her friends to dance with. I remember her friends coming over to me and   asking was I having fun and why wasn’t I dancing? I gave a stereotypical nerdy reply and remembered thinking Jamila must have bribed them to ask me. After that day I decided I’d teach my self to dance. When I didn’t think anyone was around I’d go into my step mothers parlor room close the doors & practice dancing to Prince and the other artist my older step sister Bridgette had in her record collection or on the radio. One day I remember my oldest step sister Bridgette came in while Uptown was on the radio & was like “Thats Prince!  I have that lp!!” She ran to her room & brought back Prince’s DirtyMind lp



I was like “wtf? …naaawww man that aint the same guy singing”
Me and step sis’s bonding moment turned into the typical male/female sibling argument in which she ended by saying “you just was dancing your butt off to his music so stop trippin”(the word hater didnt exist at that time but if it did she’d a called me one) I laugh my ass off now but at that time I wasn’t  say “tolerant” enough to accept the fact the singer of one of my favorite songs liked rocking velvet panties on his album covers (well maybe they just were sexy dun da duns….but uhhh…anyway) My step sis did encouraged me to keep practicing my moves but I didnt really start having decent dance rhythm until I started DJ’n….but thats another story
#Prince #ChildhoodMemories of his #music



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