Election 2016: An observation of my morning the Day After “or” The Calm Before the Storm?


As I rode to work the day after the election I noticed the normally crowded 7th street route I took to work  was  eerily devoid of traffic. I passed a square looking brother probably on his way to UCSF or the arts college and he locked eyes with me and nodded his head towards me in what felt like a sign of  solidarity. I remember how I felt when Obama 1st won and the prideful looks Black Americans would exchange with each other as we passed each other on the street. Today those looks of pride and elation were replaced with expressions filled with trepidation.

I then role by a White guy who was  walking  towards me and it seemed like he put a smirk on his face. I would notice later through my day quite a few white males in particular all had these “smirks”  on their faces (seriously I bull shyt you not).  Needing a bit of caffeine and sugar I go to Starbucks and I’m standing in line with two PG&E workers. Both White males. Both had “Trump supporter” written all over them. Feeling this vibe I mentally prepare myself to deal with any potential uncomfortable interaction.  I’m hyper sensitive to human emotions. It has aided and hindered me in life but for the most part it has made me a great communicator. I have the ability to converse with most anyone in spite our cultural differences or opposing point of views and leave the conversation on amicable terms.  As we are standing in line I notice the silence is a bit awkward so to ease a bit of tension I blurt out “hey I have to pay my PG&E bill today (which is was so very true). The older guy laughs and says “yeah you better pay, I have to beat my wife to pay ours” I think to myself   “ok this guy diffidently did not vote for Hillary”.  I ask him did he get a discount on his PG&E  bill since he was an employee.  After he states he indeed does get a discount the younger guy blurts out  “maybe the bills will go down now Trump is president.” Mentally my eyes roll all the way back into my brain stem. Now as I stated I’d already sized these guys up as Trump supporters so I’d made mental notes not to bring up anything in our conversation resembling politics. You hear white people talking about how Blacks bring up “the race card” when talking about certain subjects but the truth is most of the time we try to avoid talking about race. Its only when some white guy or gal broaches a subject do we rightfully so speak our truth. So now here I am in a situation I’ve been in countless times where some White guy brings up a subject that’s not only race related but we obviously share opposing opinions on.  As I stated though  I’m a pretty good communicator and for me that means being able to parry verbal jabs and respond to insult or bluster appropriately, not overtly insulting the person but also  without compromising my beliefs or integrity (ie: not just taking their shyt).  So after this guys statement about Trump bringing long gone jobs back I state “ I don’t see how he’s gonna do that the stock market is plummeting already (as of now its bounced backed) They  both mention Trumps gonna bring jobs back from China and overseas. I mention that the steel jobs are now automated so none of those jobs are returning and the jobs in China are extremely low paying jobs that no American wants.  After the usual “he’s not a career politician like Hillary and Obama” remarks  the younger guys last words was “let’s give him a chance” ( I’d be hearing that phrase a lot over the next few weeks and its become a mantra now) I simply said “the next 100 days will tell it all”. He wished me a good day as we departed and I thought “those previously angry White males are cheerful as a muthafucker right now”. I don’t know how long this cheerful mode will last nor do I know if that will affect  so called race relations or not affect them at all.  I don’t know what will happen in the next four years but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was fearful.


We are in the age of the wolf. There will be no running or hiding form this wolf. It won’t matter if you see this wolf coming because he will devour you regardless of the amount of vigilance you possess. A fox can only trick those who do not realize they are dealing with a tricky fox. Are we ready to deal with the wolf?  Well we have no choice now. We either get down or lay down

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