Prophecies of the Present (a poem)


Prophecies of the Present

The world having traversed a third of its heavenly course 

The Platonic year near complete

The gods, infernal and divine stand ready to unleash prophecies long forgotten

Of Dido and Pygmalion

Of Memnon and Andromeda

Amongst the stone & rubble Albion’s children will remember the ways of Eirene to late

Having dwelt in their hubris to long, they ran dancing to their own ruin

The lion, the leopard, the rooster joined by the compass

Look on disconcertedly as the bear, faux naïf cleverly pulls the strings of the arrogant eagle

Gog and Magog snigger as Riphath and Tarshish decedents are duped

The dragon ever wise watches, keeping the goshawk perilously tethered

Arimu in turmoil may cause the blue turban to rise from Ishmael’s seed

All the while from with in the bowels of the behemoth you hear the Kushite’s muffled cries for justice


The Wolf or the Fox, Shatan or Lucifer, The Adversary or the Liar




adjective: pragmatic

  1. dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

“a pragmatic approach to politics”


“a pragmatic approach to politics”

synonyms: practical, matter-of-fact, sensibledown-to-earth, commonsensical, businesslike, having both/one’s feet on the ground, hardheadedno-nonsense;


“she remains pragmatic in the most emotional circumstances”

    • relating to philosophical or political pragmatism.
    • antonyms: impractical

I always tell people I’m a pragmatic voter and I’ve been moved to write this blog after seeing and hearing so many varied political views and opinions on the 2016 election. I perhaps may have written this to late, it being the eve of one of the biggest elections in the U.S. history but nevertheless I’m writing this to briefly explain my political philosophy.  I tell people if you’ve ever voted for any political candidate in any election you’ve voted for a lesser of two evils. This is even more so a fact if you are African-American. For us  it has always been a choice between the “Wolf or the Fox.” This terminology was 1st brought into popular usage by Black activist Malcolm X. African-Americans coined the term “the wolf and the fox” in allusion to the nature of northern Whites towards Blacks in comparison to southern Whites. Northern Whites were regarded as “foxes” because they are thought to be more subtle about the racism or implicit bias they may posses whereas southern Whites in general have more open and  aggressive racist attitudes. Saying this it’s obvious there are both wolves and foxes in the north and south but this is the general view taken by conscious Blacks. Malcolm X was alluding to liberal Whites as foxes and today the term “wolf and fox” is applied to conservatives and liberals respectively.

Malcolm X –

Malcolm argued the liberal is the fox and unlike the wolf you can’t see the fox coming. This can be true but I will argue that the wolf is ravenous and will utterly devour you whereas long as you are aware you are dealing with a fox and treat he or she accordingly you have enough time to strategize a plan for victory when dealing with the fox. This is where education and consciousness is key. We must be educated and socially conscious to function successfully in this American system because every day we deal with wolves and foxes on varying levels.  (I will build on this more in-depth in the future).

My political philosophy is to engage the fox with full awareness of the fox’s nature in order to avoid direct aggressive oppression from the wolf. The fact is we have no other choice other than disengaging from the political process all together. I believe we have voting power but we have yet to fully muster its total strength. Evidence of this political power is the fact conservative Republicans have attacked voter rights throughout the U.S. 

These “wolves” would not be making it difficult for minorities to vote if people of color had no voting power. As for the presidential candidates this election and  my views on their candidacy I will briefly break them down accordingly and explain why I will cast my vote for Hillary Clinton

1st we will deal with the “Wolf”. The indomitable Donald Trump is a car wreck that has taken place already but is threatening to cause a major severe 50 state car pileup. The very fact such a blatantly racist demagogue could possibly become our chief of state should scare all decent Americans (and I’m writing this a day before the election so orange Hitler might be our head honcho by the time your reading this) I won’t go through all of his questionable deeds done and the asinine words spoken but it been well documented herr Drumpf is clearly unfit to be commander-in-chief.

Also what Trump represents is the empowerment of the most ugly aspects of American culture. His candidacy has shed light on all the ugly unsaid sentiments of far to many members of this society. If he were to win it would validate all the bigotry this country has attempted to rid itself of for the past 50 yrs. Trump has so many parallels to Hitler its frightening that this phenomenon is occurring in the so-called land of the free. All of the systemic racist policies pushed by the Clinton’s will pale in comparison to what this egomaniacal blow hard will implement. Trump is supported and endorsed by the alternative right/White Supremacist for a reason. He is preaching their gospel. We cannot allow this into the oval office.  Remember this is a man who took out a full-page ad in the New York times calling for the execution of 5 innocent Black youth wrongly accused of rape. Trump has yet to apologise for the part he played in their wrongful conviction. Imagine this man with the power to implement policy? Clinton’s crime bill will look like voters rights act in comparison.

Now as for the “Fox” Hillary Clinton I wont attempt to defend the racist inferences she’s made nor the deadly policies her husband put into place that set so many of my brothers and sisters in prison.

Again I understand she is the fox. Again this whole system has been set against us from day one. In fact her husband Bill Clinton put those policies into place under the advice from a conservative Republican and yes he did it for political gain after his sex scandal with Paula Jones jeopardized his political strength and any future re-election.

 The thing is that in regards to the issues that effect Afro-Americans one can work with Hillary far more so than Trump. Hillary meet with Back Lives Matter but this is something Trump as yet to do and I doubt he ever will. In the presidential debates when asked about racial relations between Blacks and police Trump’s first words were “Law and Order”.

This infers he doesn’t see the epidemic murders of Afro-Americans by police through out this country as a problem. In fact it infers he would like to see more of the same. he would like to see the hands of the beast squeeze upon our necks until we shut up and stop crying for justice. He is advocating for more Gestapo police tactics such as “stop and frisk”.  How is this supposed to “heal” race relations  between Blacks and the occupational force in our neighborhoods we call the police? This is the ravenous wolf and there is no bargaining no parlaying with such a creature.

As for the two other candidates I call the “Rabbit and the Dodo” Jill Stein and Gary Johnson respectively they stand no mathematical chance to win this election and in fact any Black vote going to them benefits Trump and again the wolf cannot be allowed into the White House. Pragmatic voters do not waste their vote on a fruitless protest. screen-shot-2016-06-18-at-7-47-42-am



In fact I can’t even find Jill Stein on any major polls.

The thing is I must admit If you have the  good sense not to vote for the “wolf” Trump but can’t bring your self to vote for the “Fox” Hillary Clinton I’d say cast your vote for the “rabbit” Jill Stein. I most definitely respect those who for religious or philosophical reasons choose to vote for her (but I hope I sway you to my view of politics) As for the  “Dodo” Gary Johnson has no clue as to deal with the racial issues in America today 

In fact some of his policies are conservative leaning and conservatism is the philosophy of the wolf.

Also Gary is not the brightest bulb on the tree.

The fact is that we must not only vote but we must hold our elected officials accountable and we must begin to lobby in Washington DC to flex our full political might. Other groups vote and finance politicians whereas at this point we only vote. Nevertheless this is our chief political power and by all means we must use it.

So by all means vote but I hope you do so “pragmatically”.

Make your vote count.

The Exodus Cipher: A Brief Look at the Afro-American experience through a Biblical lens


Book Of Nahum

Chp 3 v 9 to 11


Ethiopia and Egypt were her strength, and it was infinite; Put and Lubim were thy helpers.


Yet was she carried away, she went into captivity: her young children also were dashed in pieces at the top of all the streets: and they cast lots for her honourable men, and all her great men were bound in chains.


Thou also shalt be drunken: thou shalt be hid, thou also shalt seek strength because of the enemy.



Early Assyrian depiction of Hebrew slaves in Babylon

The 1st time I read this scripture I immediately was reminded of the enslavement of Africa’s peoples & how her great kingdoms where laid low. There are some Blacks who beleive we literaly are the true Hebrew peoples. I do not necessarily subscribe to this belief in the literal sence but I do beleive African Americans are the true children of Isreal on a spiritual and symbolic level. Perhaps both of these might be true because there are genetic links between many Jews and Black Africans.

As recent DNA studies point out…..

“A diverse array of Jewish populations can date their Sub-Saharan African ancestry back roughly 72 generations,”

“The older-mixture dates among African and Jewish populations are consistent with events in biblical times, such as the Jewish diaspora that occurred in 8th to 6th century BC.”

(see-   )

“But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and just as the LORD had predicted to Moses, Pharaoh refused to listen.” 

-Exodus Chp9 v12



I see the exposing of & current increase of police murder & White racist anger as God hardning this nation “Pharoahs” heart against Afro Americans & forcing Black people into an extreme action mode.

African Americans are in action mode and look to go into overdrive in the fight against oppression.

Afro-Americans have suffered opression beyond Biblical levels. I say beyond because the Hebrews were enslaved but Egypt & Babylon never stripped the Hebrew people of their language & history nor whipped them saying “your name is Amon Ptah not Yossef”

Besides this our stories parallel on such a level it amazes me at times. When my mother 1st read the bible to me she also would read to me about Black heroes like Harriet Tubman & I easily felt that the bible was speaking about my peoples plight. Harriet following the north star to freedom was like the three wise men following the eastern star to Christ. I interpret the bible this way often & Ive been thinking about Exodus quite a bit lately. When your in a country that has systemically oppressed you & continues to kill your people with impunity you tend to have taughts like 

“I wonder how cold winters are in Canada?” 


” how hot does it really get in Africa?”

Many of our modern day prophets have advocated our leaving out of America & repatriating to Africa.

Ive always believed in a mental &  “cultural” repatriation to Africa meaning we must relearn our history & roots of all things African & throughout our diaspora & fix our dysfunctional culture. Peraphs we may need to do both but just as the old generation poisened by the slavery in Egypt died off during those 40 years in the wilderness so I believe relearning our culture & history is a necessary 1st step to rid our selves of self destructive behavior & uncle tomism before returning to our mother land.

I’d also like to also point out that the Hebrew people didn’t just up & leave Egypt broke. They grabbed gold,food and anything else they needed before leaving

Kemit Nüt(Egypt)

“The Israelites did as Moses instructed and asked the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing.”

“The LORD caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the Israelites, and they gave the Israelites whatever they asked for. So they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth!”

Exodus Chp 12 v35 to 36

You could call this a form of Reparations the Egyptians paid the Hebrews for the centuries of enslavement they endured. African Americans are asking for nothing more from America yet so called White Christians and many White Jews scoff at the idea of recompense for Blacks that have endured the most volitile form of servitude and oppression ever implemented.

So scripture tells us what we need to do before & towards our Exodus,be it mental,physical or both. Relearn who we are,become that & stack the money we will need to rise to our rightful position in the world & the current treatment we’ve received from this system is pushing us towards this just as Pharoahs armies pushed Moses to split and cross the Red Sea towards the promise land


4th of July-my perspective as an Afro-American(or fuck that I aint popping no fire crackers for the cracker)


Once again its the 4th of July and millions of Americans, Black, White and everything else in between will be firing up grills roasting chicken, cow and pig meat. I have fond memories of celebrating past 4th of the July’s. I even fondly remember the times when I had to walk through the hood in my Cub Scout uniform and cats would throw fire crackers towards me as I made my way through the Virgos set and Fulton street areas to my Den meeting. (Yeah that’s life living in the ghetto. In order to get to a positive character building activity I had to walk through three blocks of gangsters and drug dealers-but that’s another story.)

I am proud to be an American. Even prouder to be an “AFRICAN” – American (*coff *coff #RayvenSimone) So like many conscious Afro-Americans I am conflicted about celebrating a holiday of a country that has actively enslaved then socio-economically oppressed my people for the past 250 plus yrs of its existence. Yes I’m fully aware of the righteous Whites who have attempted to help right the wrongs and correct the mistakes made during this countries history and this tempers my anger. I sincerely appreciate the fact that we have Anglo-Americans who at the very least try to practice tolerance and understand the sorrow and anger felt by Black America. Despite this we still have systemic racism in this country and it continues to hamstring Black people to the point we self perpetuate our own destruction.

Over the years I’ve used the fact my grand father fought Nazis in World War II, my father served in the U.S Navy, my brother in the U.S Army and my cousin fought in the 1st Iraqi war as reasons to celebrate the 4th of July but now more and more these feel like excuses to me.  In these days and times I find my self even more conflicted by the 4th of July because the current state of popular American bigotry throws the past disrespects back in our face. Every time a court rules in favor of a cop that blatantly murdered an unarmed human it grows harder for me to pledge and salute that flag. When I see rabidly angry White people yelling ” Go back to Africa!! ” as if  they’ve forgotten  not only did they bring us here unwillingly but seem oblivious to the fact they themselves are immigrants, it grows harder to enjoy this holiday called the 4th of July. When I see a blatantly proactive racist so popular he could possibly become our next president it grows harder for me to think of this country as a place I can feel secure in and call home. I mean who would so eagerly take pride in a country that does these things to its people?

The consistent oppression and mistreatment of Blacks at the hands of White America has fueled this hatred and resentment.


Anger over spilling

This pic brings back a memory of one of my  performances when the Rap group Project X and I.J.P (International Jah Posses) burned an American flag on stage -ahh my younger more radical days)



The Under Educated, Politically Manipulated,Angry White Man- Trump’s bread and butter


I don’t suffer from any form of #Stockholm’s syndrome so I cant implement the “#Uncle Tom” mentality as a defense mechanism (*coff *coff #BenCarson, *coff  #Whoopi *gag #StaceyDash ) so I soberly deal with the painful reality of this countries racist culture and system. It is as if I’m in a dysfunctional toxic relation ship were I’m forced to live and stay with a partner that periodically insults and beats me. Like most victims of domestic abuse I find myself in a love hate relationship with this partner. I’m of course using domestic abuse as a metaphor and like most people trapped in an abusive relationship simply leaving or “Going back to Africa” is not a financial or physical possibility and in our case apparently there is no police man to call for help. So until our “#Moses” comes we must soldier on and do our best to make America a better place for all people to live in(because as we know other ethnic and culture groups have greatly benefited from the rights Blacks have fought & fight for). Today I’m forced to look at the 4th of July the same way I do  Christmas. Even though I’m not a traditional Christian thus know Jesus was not born on December 25th I celebrate the winters solstice as a holiday for family and friends to get together and enjoy each others company. Its some what the same for the 4th of July at this point for me. So today I’m going out to hunt down some barbeque like millions of other Americans and sit and reflect on the state of American culture and politics this 4th of July.

APTOPIX Charleston Shooting

People join hands against the backdrop of an American flag as thousands of marchers meet in the middle of Charleston’s main bridge in a show of unity after nine black church parishioners were gunned down during a Bible study, Sunday, June 21, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

One Night of Protest -The #Justice4MarioWoods Coalition the “New Civil Rights Movement” and why front line social activist must be honored and saluted


I haven’t participated in a real “in the police’s face” protest or rally since my days at SFSU. Recently I joined the Nation of Islam, the New Community Leadership Foundation ( Hip Hop artist Equipto ,Selassie and scores of other social activist in support of the #Justice4MarioWoods Coalition. We gathered near San Francisco’s Civic Center and marched towards City Hall. On this particular night various members of the NFL players from the two teams participating in the Super Bowl (North Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos) and San Francisco politicians including Mayor Ed Lee were at City Hall and the asian Arts Museum celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl which is being played here in the Bay Area down in Santa Clara at the SF 49er’s Levi stadium. Wisely our coalition is using the attention drawn by the Super Bowl to get our message about the racially motivated injustices that have taken place with in San Francisco( most of all the murder of Mario Woods) out to the world and to force other wise apathetic politicians and police to hold the officers that committed this heinous act accountable.



Before going to this protest i’d gotten into a debate with a good friend about several people and organizations we know non participation and refusal to stand with the #Justice4MarioWoods movement. At this point these individuals haven’t even made public statements to condemn the police officers actions and their silence is reverberating. My good friend explained to me publicly supporting the #Justice4MarioWoods movement would hurt these people’s financial and employment situations due to the fact these individuals are employed by and or receive quite a bit of money and political support from the city. I admonished my good friend for 1st thinking that by explaining the obvious politically and financially difficult situation our friends would be put in was some how a morally justifiable excuse. Wrong is wrong and even if I love you and understand what’s at risk for you if you make an unrighteous choice,commit an unrighteous action or fail to commit a righteous action when it’s needed I have to call it for what it is.

Am I mad?

No not at all.

Am I just disappointed?


The only thing that tempers my disappointment is I really do know and understand what these individuals stand to lose. I use to work for the Department of Public Health. I’ve worked in San Francisco’s juvenile and adult county jail system giving life skills work shops educating at risk populations. I’ve had meetings with various police officers and the current mayor about outreach to the homeless and poor of San Francisco. Ive worked closely with SFPD officers out reaching to the homeless,mentally ill ,drug addicted and otherwise at risk populations of this city. I know some genuinely “good cops” and I do think about their reaction to my support of the #Justice4MarioWoods movement (and in particular our movements position on the firing of Chief Surh.)

In other words what I’m saying is that I understand the fear of jeopardizing ones job or lively hood one can feel when having to speak truth to the power that pays you. Actually what prompted me to really write this was the fact I saw many officers I knew and had seen around in my field of work and the looks they gave me caused a slight pang of worry about my own civil service career(and  to keep it as we say “One Hunid” my physical well-being) Would these officers, the Mayor or his aides retaliate by endangering my current job? I thought about this and for me the choice was easy…I stand for whats right. I remain true to myself and my people and will do what I can to correct the injustice of not only Mario Woods death but of all the inequities that exist with in this society.  I also recognize I have a lot less to lose than some of the organizations and people I’m alluding to and I do understand these people’s positions are precarious. Some of these leaders have not spoken in concerns of the Mario Woods case and at least some have reached out to the #J4MWC and given their reasons for not supporting the #Justice4MarioWoods movement and I can only hope we can strategize in other areas in our over all battle with the systemic injustice ingrained in our society.  Other so-called leaders actually seem to be attempting to weaken and derail our movement. They do so by acting as if they are the communities chosen representatives and are speaking  the will of the people for the good of the people.The truth is that some are detached from today’s social struggle and promote out dated tactics. Others are duplicitous and are only playing the part of social activist while coddling to the powers that be. (ill write on this dynamic in more depth later)


Ive long stated to those I work with I will always do what i can for the movement. I may not be able to participate in rallies and marches on a consistent basis but  when I can I will do something in support of the movement. This goes back to some of my good and dear friends decisions to sit this fight out or some of their “on the fence” positions.  As Arch Bishop King of the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church stated “you might not be able to carry a picket sign but man you can fold envelopes and lick stamps or something”  What Arch Bishop King is saying here is that we with in the movement understand some of us are not in a position to push a hard publicly radical  stance but one should always speak truth to power and do what ever small part you can. This is not just a matter of participating in marches but some of our good friends and allies in other causes have even remained silent on making a public statement of condemnation of the SFPD’s actions in this case. Last night the pangs of worry I felt concerning my chicken shyt job made me realize how courageous and brave our frontline soldiers are.

They are fearless!!! 

It’s no small thing to stand up to a brutal and vicious police force in a city that regards you as an anathema. This is no small movement and I’m amazed at our solidarity, commitment and passion. The fact is that we are up against serious and powerful opposition. Hostile and unscrupulous opposition. Due to this fact I am even more impressed and proud of those who have been fighting this epic and historic fight since day one. Yes this is history we are making.  #Justice4MarioWoods is justice for #MichealBrown #AlexNieto  #SandraBland #TrayvonMartin #KennethHarding #SeanBell #TamirRice #OscarGrant #EricGarner #TanishaAnderson and far to many more. Mario is our martyr our catalyst our rallying point for our pursuit for justice and reparations for all this countries acts of atrocity and miscarriages of justice. We are going through a struggle that mirrors Biblical scripture. I am indeed a spiritual person and I feel our work is divinely guided. History will look back at this and our people’s struggle on a whole the same way we open up the book of Exodus and marvel at the works of Moses. To those leaders who are of and loved by our community that have not committed to supporting this movement or others of its like or simply speaking out against police terrorism I ask this simple question… “don’t you realize this is a 2nd Civil Rights Movement ? “Dont you realize your silence is heard by those who expect more from you?”  ” Dont you know your support if only words of encouragement are needed?” We all are obligated to do our small part in this struggle for social justice…ignoring such obligations do not make them disappear.


Beyonce the Super Bowl and “Black Power”



Millions if not Billions world wide watched the Super Bowl yesterday. The Super Bowl Half Time show has turned into a cultural tradition thoroughly intertwined with the game it self. Who’s going to perform is as anticipated as who’s going to play(for some more so) This year the fierce and fantastic Queen Bee Beyonce took the stage and wowed us in what many felt was too short a time. This was the 50th Anniversary Super Bowl and coincedently this year is the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party for Self Defence. Beyonce took to stage and during the 50th Super Bowl Half Time Show gave an artistic salute to the Black Panther Party on its 50th anniversary. Today I took to Face Book and saw Bay Area Hip Hop Artist and Activist Equipto (famous for recently blasting Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco for the gentrification of SF & land grabs from the poor) had posted this awesome pic of Beyonce’s dancers giving the Black Power salute.


I was like “wow” thats dope!!. I later saw a slew of critical comments from mostly conscious women who did not feel the “sexy remix” taken on the Black Panther uniforms.  They felt the way the dancers were dressed misrepresented what the Black Panthers stood for


Beyonce with her dancers at Super Bowl 50



Female Black Panthers at a Rally

Reading these Face book post inspired me to give a responce breaking down why I felt Beyonce’s boldness was a positive and why it would be affective in at least sparking conversation on social issues.

My comments were as follows…..

Once upon a time African medallions , clothing with African colorful style & Afro centric accessories were all in style. So was having some sence of consciousness. This was because Hip-Hop music artist pushed these images & messages via audio & visual media. It was music that helped spark my consciousness. Beyonce’s dancers & her imagery in her latest video are seeds …not the greatest seeds but seeds that if followed up with more socially conscious material will grow. The way you communicate to intelligent conscious  people is different than the way you communicate with the majority of the masses. This is one reason why NWA soon out sold Public Enemy.  I hear people talk about the conspiracy to destroy conscious hip hop by forcing lables & radio to push gangsta rap. Im like ok thats possible but I know that gangsta shyt just slapped & my peers even chided me for “always talking that African stuff” thus i developed my “Gangsta Knowledge” philosophy

So I know gangsta rap simply just resonated with the common man/woman from the streets more so than a conscious mc dropping big words over beats that might spark thinking but dont move your body. We are talking about educating the masses the proletariat & we have to speak their language. One reason I dig what Beyonce dancers represented is that their imagery wraps soicial consciousness & revolutionary ideals in sexy & cool the same way I wrapped those same things in lyrics laced with the glamour of gangstarism. Now can Beyonce’s dancers sexy representation of “the revolution” potentially weaken & co-op the original message?  Yes but only if its not followed up by further conscious content. I read Leslie Dale’s post of Davey D Cook’s response to a comment about Coachella co-opting the Panther look & as Dave said “its up to us to go beyond the clothing” we who are conscious must push the envelope & yes we must push artist to do & to do more for social equality & justice.

I dropped this ideal in the 1st part of #TheHipHopManifesto Reaching the minds of our people through the muck mainstream media pollutes the airwaves with is difficult & we have to use proven tacticts to succeed. The tactics advirtisment companies and promoters use are proven and I think we all should follow them.


I had a brief twitter convo with Talib Kweli about my HipHop manifesto idea & he felt instead of asking “all” rappers such as gangsta & trap music style rappers to drop conscious content in their songs we should ask the people to support more conscious music. Now I agreed this should be done also but I said to Talib these young people do not buy conscious music like the way we would hope so how are we going to get the message to them? People will buy what they like to groove to so just asking them to buy music they dont like is not going to work. Talib said asking street rappers (I really dont know what to call this new crop of thuggie druggie mc’s because these are not gangsta rappers ala Ice Cube) to drop conscious content wouldn’t be sincere about what they were saying & he felt that would be ineffective since it wasn’t in their heart (im paraphrasing here and it appears our twitter convo on it is to old for me to retrieve) I explained Rick Ross was a prison gaurd but the people buying his music dont give a crap about how sincere he is when he raps about selling yayo. Millions buy his music & millions absord the messages with in his music. Im saying all this to point out how some times the conscious community ties their own hands when trying to reach our people because they are unaware of or not willing to use certain tactics the enemy does. This is why we’ve been unsuccessful,especially in regards of our methodology concerning mass media as a tool to really spread our message. A man named Edward Bernays laid out the road map for modern day media advertising.

These are two good introductions to Edward Bernays:

Read- Edward Bernays-History is a Weapon

and Watch-

The enemy uses these techniques every day & many of us in media use his techniques without even knowing it but we need to step our game up. Beyonce was “selling” the revolution to the world. Now its up to the conscious community to ensure she doesn’t sell it out. 

After writing this I saw that Fox,TMZ ,The Bay Gaurdian and several other media outlets recognized the Black Panther imagery and spoke on how Beyonce brought light to the recent murder of Mario Woods by the SFPD

-Now thats effective use of your platform as an artist to bring light to the social ills plaguing our country


The Santa Claus controversy: Black vs White or “Should we just make Black Pete ‘White’ Pete now?”

    Michigan-Santa-Claus-LLC  VS  Black Santa 1

To be truthful I really don’t care about Santa’s color but I am also a historical accuracy nut so being that Santa Claus is based on a Greek saint named San Nicola that lived in whats now Turkey circa 300 ad I’m for his image being depicted as White. I mean dont bring me any of that “all ancient Egyptians were White” bullshite and I wont bring you any Black Santa’s-deal?


Eastern Orthadox Icon of Saint Nicholas

The Surprising Origins of Santa Claus – 

The Germans helped make Santa Clauss aka St.Nick aka Kris Kringel aka Pelznickel (yeah I know I know) popular in Europe & the English fused him with their Father Christmas character. Later America totally co-opted Saint Nick & today he has probably sold more products than Vince Offer could ever hope to hock.


Every year Santa helps sell Trillions of dollars of merchandise                       Christmas sales for 2015



Santa keeping up with todays modern tech (looks like Santa’s an Andriod guy)


Yes Santa is based on an actual historic figure but the key words are “based on” as in the way Sevarus Snape is based on JK Rowlings high school teacher.  So many look at it as since Santa Claus is a fictional character it really shouldn’t matter to anyone what color or even species he is (I mean whats up with an Elf Santa? or giving the head job to Rudolph? im just saying). I also find it crazy how some White people argue against having a Black Santa (or Annnie or Human Torch or Nick Fury or any other cool revamp of an old fictional character) by comparing making Santa Black to making Martin Luther King (or some other great Black historical character) White. Im like “uhh duh” those are real historic figures not fictional creations – sheesh


Don Lemon weighs in on the Santa debate

I also understand people (or most people undamaged by colonialism,slavery & racism) depict their gods & other icons in their image. I mean have you ever seen what Jesus looks like in China? Picture Jet Lee with long hair in a robe.


A very “Asian” looking Christ found in many Churches in East Asia


So psychologically I under stand Black parents not wanting their kids to identify & fixating on a fat White guy as the giver of things you desire. Beyond that im more concerned about Black Christians praying to a White Jesus.(but thats another blog)


Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Obviously a lot of people really do care what color or race Santa Claus is portrayed as. The passionate and angry reactions by a lot of our Anglo American friends is proof of peoples strong feelings on the matter.

Megan Kelly emphasizes to America’s kids “Santa is White..and says so is Jesus”

My suggestion to White folks is to get even. Yeah get in on some good ole’ tit for tat. Start a “White” Pete tradition. For those who are unfamiliar with the “Black Pete” tradition I’ll briefly explain. Black  or “Zwarte” Pete is one of Santa’s or Sinterklass’s “magical” helpers and it’s a tradition celebrated in Belgium, Netherlands and other North Western Germanic countries.


For a more indepth origin of  Black Pete click here

The original legned says Black Pete is a Moor from Spain and later in the 20th century the tale of Saint Nick freeing Black Pete from servitude to the Emperor of Babylon was created and this explained why Black Pete pledged his life in service to Sinterklass.


Black Pete in a Moorsih vest with Santa        (dig the shot gun  on the wall, man Santa aint no punk)


Black Pete in European Page uniform with a Moorish gold ear ring

As in the the pictures above some of the ealier dipections of Black Pete were more tastful but the modern dipetcions can be down right racistly insulting.( ie: Othello black face vs Al Jolsen) If Black Pete wasn’t depicted as such a caricature the tradition might not be so offensive.



Uberly racist Black Pete candies

From the above pictures one could see why Afro Europeans and even many White Europeans take offense to Black Pete. There is a movement attempting to ban Black Pete in Europe but it is a deeply ingrained and yeah loved tradition that won’t die easy. 


“Free Piet” A culturaly diverse crowd rallies in support of doing away with Black Pete

Some have begun depicting Black Pete in blue or orange as an attempted middle ground.

(kinda like Dragon Ball Z did with Mr. Popo I guess. In fact wonder if they got the idea for Mr. Popo from Black Pete?…racist things that make you go uuhhmm? )


As I’ve said I think a great way to diffuse some of this Black vs White Santa beef is for White folks to make Black Pete White. Im mean it a be a little friendly tit for tat. So hows about it my conservative evangelical Christian friends? Throw on a medieval  Moorish page’s out fit and a blond afro wig and embrace your inner White Pete……..looks like the ever progressive Europeans are beating us to it already (but what else is new?)