Of Moors and Mongols (a poem)


When the moon is in Mars & the sun is in Saturn,

Long after the towers of Gemini have fallen & the mood set for the mad trumpeter to play to his ruin.

After Bacon’s dream is pushed to the edge of nightmare and Kings dream has been rendered close to  peril,

400 seasons thus will the false heirs of Romulus & Remus be vexed, the zealots of Hakenkruez flag laying in tatters,

Venus then eclipsed, with aurum et ferro both Moor & Mongol shall meet at the Rhine.

About this poem:

For anyone who has ever read a translation of Michel de Nostredame bka Nostradamus’s prophecies the influence of his quatrains is evident. This is a poem I’ve had running around in my head for years. I didn’t receive this poems subject matter while in a prophetic trance as Nostradamus received his quatrains but I will say I feel it is a prophecy of sorts. The way prophecy plays out can be varied and in many cases is subject to the interpretation of those effected (or not effected) by prophecy. I’m interested in seeing what readers think this “poetic prophecy” is alluding to.



Sir Morien and the Black presence in Medieval Europe (or the real Black Knight)


I thought about writing this in celebration of Black History Month after watching the BBC’s “Merlin” series. In the series they cast quite a few Black actors and even cast actress Angel Coulby as Queen Guinevere. This is how Im usually motivated to do my research. Being an autodidactic learner I either see or read something interesting and I go digging to see if I can find an example of it in art,literature or history. I love digging up little known and obscure facts about Black history through out the world so delving into the legend of Sir Morien was a pleasure

We’ve all heard of the “black Knight” of the King Arthur legend but there literally was a “Black” knight in King Arthur’s court. His name was Sir Morien & his tale is recorded in a 13th Century Dutch Manuscript. This tale more than likely existed in oral tradition & older text that no longer survive. There were actually quite a few people of African decent in medieval & ancient Europe. Sir Morien like King Arthur more than likely is a mythical figure based on an amalgamation of historic figures. Sir Morien more than likely was based on the leader of the Roman Theban Legion St. Maurice who himself has elements of legend attached to him.


St. Maurice and Pope (probably Nicholas V)

Sir Morien is described in the text as such:

“He was all black, even as I tell ye: his head, his body, and his hands were all black, saving only his teeth. His shield and his armour were even those of a Moor, and black as a raven…

Had they not heard him call upon God no man had dared face him, deeming that he was the devil or one of his fellows out of hell, for that his steed was so great, and he was taller even than Sir Lancelot, and black withal, as I said afore…

When the Moor heard these words he laughed with heart and mouth (his teeth were white as chalk, otherwise was he altogether black)…”

For a full read I recommend this sight which has the full tale


 Another Black  Character in the Arthurian legends is Feirerfiz

Feirefiz is referred to as being a Saracen & his mother is the Moorish Queen Belcane (or Belacane) a Black woman & his father the fictional French King Gahmuret a White man

(for a synopsis of the tale see Percival)

Many early Medieval Europeans may not have understood what children of bi-racial relationships would look like so they discribed Feirefiz as having patchy black & white skin Some also theorize the writers may have been describing a Black person with vitiligo.


“Feirefiz is a character in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Arthurian poem Parzival. He is the half-brother of Parzival, the story’s hero. He is the child of their father Gahmuret’s first marriage to the Moorish queen Belacane (Italian: “lovely meat”), and equals his brother in knightly ability. Because his father was white and his mother black, Feirefiz’s skin consists of black and white patches. His appearance is compared to that of a magpie or a parchment with writing on it, though he is considered very handsome. There exists a skin disease, Vitiligo, which produces such underpigmented patches across the body.”

A Black person in Medieval Europe may seem like an anachronism but Black Africans were more widely known to the North Western European than our mainstream history would have us believe. The fact you have such tales this early in North Western European  history points to the presence of Black people in Western Europe during the medieval period.



The two above examples of medieval art are of Black African knights and noble men,one apparently of a king being crowned.

Its plausible that Black Africans absorbed the North Western feudal culture easily being that in Africa you had a tradition of horseman ship and mounted armored warriors also dating back to West Africa’s  Medieval period

Begharmi Lancers

Knights of the Savanna


Men dressed in traditional clothes ride horses during Durbar festival in Kano

As we see from the above pictures this armored horse riding tradition is still alive today

Archeology also proves Black Africans were present in Europe during the earliest parts of the Medieval period. The remains of a 4th century Black woman were found in Brittan.




Blacks obviously migrated into Southern and North Western Europe throughout history as another ancient skeleton dating circa 3 AD the “Beachy Head Lady” pictured above confirms. Like the remains discovered in York these remains discovered in the    South East England county of East Sussex are of a Sub Saharan female.


Those of use who are familiar with archeology and genetic research understand it was Black Africans who ventured out of Africa reaching Europe and Asia around 60k to 40k years ago as this reconstructed bust tells us.


This skull reconstruction is of the 1st homo sapiens sapiens in Europe dating to about 35k years ago.

As for Black Africans in Europe during the upper Paleolithic I recommend this documentary

So from these examples we see the Black African has long been in Europe prior to the Arab or Trans Atlantic slave trades. There are many more examples of artistic depictions of medieval Black Noble and common folk through out Europe. The below images are from the Medieval period ie: 4th century to 14th century(To the best of my knowledge). I am happy to say there are so many of these pieces of art representing peoples of Black African ancestry in Europe I grew tired of sorting through them & separating the many Renaissance art pieces and those that were made prior to the 15th century. I can only imagine how many more remain hidden or undiscovered.






European Crusaders and Moors clashing




Note the Brother with the Afro sitting in the back(yes I too laughed as I wrote this)


1100 AD England






St. Maurice 13th Century,Germany




From the famous “Book of Games” or Libro de los Juegos” by King Alphonso X (circa 12 AD)

Libro de los juegos 

The Exodus Cipher: A Brief Look at the Afro-American experience through a Biblical lens


Book Of Nahum

Chp 3 v 9 to 11


Ethiopia and Egypt were her strength, and it was infinite; Put and Lubim were thy helpers.


Yet was she carried away, she went into captivity: her young children also were dashed in pieces at the top of all the streets: and they cast lots for her honourable men, and all her great men were bound in chains.


Thou also shalt be drunken: thou shalt be hid, thou also shalt seek strength because of the enemy.



Early Assyrian depiction of Hebrew slaves in Babylon

The 1st time I read this scripture I immediately was reminded of the enslavement of Africa’s peoples & how her great kingdoms where laid low. There are some Blacks who beleive we literaly are the true Hebrew peoples. I do not necessarily subscribe to this belief in the literal sence but I do beleive African Americans are the true children of Isreal on a spiritual and symbolic level. Perhaps both of these might be true because there are genetic links between many Jews and Black Africans.

As recent DNA studies point out…..

“A diverse array of Jewish populations can date their Sub-Saharan African ancestry back roughly 72 generations,”

“The older-mixture dates among African and Jewish populations are consistent with events in biblical times, such as the Jewish diaspora that occurred in 8th to 6th century BC.”

(see-  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110524153536.htm   )

“But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and just as the LORD had predicted to Moses, Pharaoh refused to listen.” 

-Exodus Chp9 v12



I see the exposing of & current increase of police murder & White racist anger as God hardning this nation “Pharoahs” heart against Afro Americans & forcing Black people into an extreme action mode.

African Americans are in action mode and look to go into overdrive in the fight against oppression.

Afro-Americans have suffered opression beyond Biblical levels. I say beyond because the Hebrews were enslaved but Egypt & Babylon never stripped the Hebrew people of their language & history nor whipped them saying “your name is Amon Ptah not Yossef”

Besides this our stories parallel on such a level it amazes me at times. When my mother 1st read the bible to me she also would read to me about Black heroes like Harriet Tubman & I easily felt that the bible was speaking about my peoples plight. Harriet following the north star to freedom was like the three wise men following the eastern star to Christ. I interpret the bible this way often & Ive been thinking about Exodus quite a bit lately. When your in a country that has systemically oppressed you & continues to kill your people with impunity you tend to have taughts like 

“I wonder how cold winters are in Canada?” 


” how hot does it really get in Africa?”

Many of our modern day prophets have advocated our leaving out of America & repatriating to Africa.

Ive always believed in a mental &  “cultural” repatriation to Africa meaning we must relearn our history & roots of all things African & throughout our diaspora & fix our dysfunctional culture. Peraphs we may need to do both but just as the old generation poisened by the slavery in Egypt died off during those 40 years in the wilderness so I believe relearning our culture & history is a necessary 1st step to rid our selves of self destructive behavior & uncle tomism before returning to our mother land.

I’d also like to also point out that the Hebrew people didn’t just up & leave Egypt broke. They grabbed gold,food and anything else they needed before leaving

Kemit Nüt(Egypt)

“The Israelites did as Moses instructed and asked the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing.”

“The LORD caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the Israelites, and they gave the Israelites whatever they asked for. So they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth!”

Exodus Chp 12 v35 to 36

You could call this a form of Reparations the Egyptians paid the Hebrews for the centuries of enslavement they endured. African Americans are asking for nothing more from America yet so called White Christians and many White Jews scoff at the idea of recompense for Blacks that have endured the most volitile form of servitude and oppression ever implemented.

So scripture tells us what we need to do before & towards our Exodus,be it mental,physical or both. Relearn who we are,become that & stack the money we will need to rise to our rightful position in the world & the current treatment we’ve received from this system is pushing us towards this just as Pharoahs armies pushed Moses to split and cross the Red Sea towards the promise land


The Hugh Cipher study guide to Accurate world history ,the history of African culture and civilization and a synopsis of world civilization as a whole pt 1



Thracian tomb relief

Thracian tomb relief

Mede Midas

To understand true history one must 1st place things into their proper context. Not only have Afro Americans and colonized Africans  been taught a warped ,biased, white washed Eurocentric  world view but so have Europeans and most other ethnic groups.


Today much of ancient, medieval and renaissance Europe has been romanticized and much of ancient, medieval Africa has been vilified. Europeans have been taught they have ruled or been in a dominant position since recorded history. Only truthful European historians speak to the truth that Europe rose from a very primitive and barbaric state to the level of dominance they posses today.

barbarianwoodcut page96Germanicwarrior05Barbariansbabarianwoodcut2stock-photo-frankish-knight-old-illustration-created-by-montfaucon-published-on-magasin-pittoresque-paris-86093455

Many White supremacist like to believe genetics or some sort of inherent superiority has played a part in this. This is of course a fallicy. Primarily because European genetic superiority doesn’t exist. This plus the fact as you will see through out this study guide caprice, serendipity ie: lady luck has played a major part in Europe’s rise. Also Europe’s location in today’s climatic era is prime for benefiting from all three civilizations that surround it ie: Africa, Asia and Asia Minor (middle east).

Egyptian with afro659PX-~1


I will do my best to keep this study guide as simple as possible because I wish the lay person to be able to digest its content. I will begin first with two video documentaries that will lay the ground work and tone for this study guide. The first part of the study guide is a segment of  the BBC documentary “The Incredible Human Journey”.

This segment deals with the 1st Europeans and where they came from. The original man ,homo sapiens sapines ie: modern human came out of Africa and eventually colonized the world. I begin the study guide with this segment because many don’t realize in fact the 1st Europeans where from Africa thus looked very African http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1177123/The-European-Created-fragments-fossil-face-forbears-35-000-years-ago.html

Forensic reconstruction of the 1st European

Forensic Anthropologist reconstruction from 35k year old skull  of the 1st Europeans

This documentary is an excellent study of this fact and after watching this segment I recommend watching the whole documentary.

(Part 1 of 5 follow links on site to complete)

The next video with in the study guide is Jared  Diamond’s

“Gun Steel and Germs”


This documentary breaks down why humans in many areas of the world have remained at so called primitive or tribal levels of  culture and civilization. This documentary does an excellent job of explaining the fact that to create or build a complex or high civilization agriculture is essential. It explains this and the fact that domesticated crops and animals are native to only one area of the world which is the Levant(middle east, fertile crescent) and coincidentally this is where you see high civilization springing up 1st around and near Asia Minor (the Levant ). I am a subscriber to Kemit Nut(Egypt) having all of the elements that constitute high civilization 1st (ie: agriculture, government, architecture and writing) not Sumer which is what most historians subscribe to.

Oldest writing discovered in Egypt


Sites like Gobleki Tepi …..



seem to have been founded by advanced hunter gatherers who being located in Asia Minor(near modern day Turkey) had so many wild fruit and grain plants they so far are one exception to agriculture predating the building of a complex society

To clarify the way the terms Eurocentric,Afrocentric,Arab & Sino/Asiacentric within this study guide are used are as labels for anthropological lenses. These lenses or view points can simply be a way of looking at a subject or it can mean they are being used in a prejudicial & or racist sence.
For example being Afrocentric can simply mean looking at history or any subject from an African centered view point such as looking at the colonial age from the view point of African nations & tribes that were conquered or invaded instead of from the colonizer’s point of reference (ie:the way we all were taught in Jr.High & High school)
Racist Eurocentric view point on the other hand looks at Egypt as having no connection to Black Africa & any Blacks depicted in artifacts where ever slaves or Nubians & looks at Nubia as a lesser copy of Egypt when in reality there is much evidence that Nubia is older than Egypt. The written evidence (such as from Herodotus’s retelling of Ethiopia /Nubia’s assertion that Egypt began as a Nubian colony)has been ignored for centuries & even recent archeological evidence has been hidden

With in this study guide I will emphasize using critical thinking is a  must. Even with the new truths European academics put forth the old ugly head of Eurocentric bias still rears its self from time to time and all researchers for the truth should be aware of this. This is the same for biased Afro Centric sources. Bias cannot be allowed to pollute our perception of the truth and we all being human must constantly guard against this even with in our own research. 


Critical Thinking Guide:

1.)    Look out for and discern Euro, Asian or Afro centric bias as you study. This may prove difilcult at first & a quick cheat sheet for this is:

A.) Most Eurocentric histories will claim African/Black civilizations & cultures are White or some obscure non Black African peoples & will make it a point to mention this as if  a fact when there is no aparent need to mention race at all. Euro centric historians do this and or toatally ignore African elements in history.

B.) One marker  Asian or “Monglo-centric” history is the fact countries like China teach a multi regional genisis of modern man rather than the thouroughly proven Out of Africa theory of human genisis

C.) Some Afro centric historians speak on theory or hypothesis as fact with out enough supporting data. Some Afro centric historians return the favor to Eurocentric historians and claim each and every ancient civilizations were Black.

2.)    Realize the fact that Africans haved played a far larger part with in the origins of humanity, civilization and culture than previously believed but many of a Eurocentric mind set will vehemently contest many of these findings.

The 1st Cipher (an Introduction)

The 1st Cipher (an Introduction)

Some may know me from Yahoo Answers. Some may know me from my You tube commentary. Many know me as Hip-Hop Rapper and Bay Area pioneer Hugh EMC. I’ve created this blog to address issues of anthropology, history, civilizations origins and the origins of mankind it self. On Yahoo Answers I’ve received email from question askers about certain topics dealing with the roots of civilization ,genetics & history. This is what prompted me in part to create this blog. I consider my self neither Afro nor Euro centric. I consider my self world centric and a scientific thinker. I do my best to look at matters of history & culture through an anthropological lens. I seek truthful non biased answers to questions of race and civilization. I do my best to support my claims with empirical evidence and in the case of an over abundance of circumstantial data i will state the particular claim is a strong theory. Euro centric thinkers will undoubtedly find me Afro centric. This is due to the fact many new discoveries have come forth revealing not only mankind’s roots in Africa but the very roots of language, culture and civilization it self. Euro centrics have had a long history of masking and denying Africa’s role in world culture and civilization and this mind state will prove hard to break in some. Many Afro centrics will consider me brainwashed by Euro centric schools of study but this is untrue. Much of Afro centric claims are over reactions to extreme Euro centric racism so instead of stating something is a probable theory Afro centrics state claims as if they have all of the supporting evidence and this is an error. The way many Afro centrics state their claims only hurt African history over all. I’ve listened to and or read research from so many brilliant Afro centric academics only to find error after error. The errors are usually small but they hurt the over all validity of the theory put forth. In the coming months I will be re posting many of my YA Answers and commentary from other sites but I also will be posting new commentary and linking this blog with my new You tube site that also will be dealing with historical and anthropological issues. I look forward to dialogue with you all.
Ancient coins from North Africa and the Greek Isle of Lesbos