So I Swing…



Life can beat you down & leave your spirit battered & bruised. 
My spirit is resilient but I ache,I cry, I languish in the depths of my pain thinking of loves & loved ones lost 
My mind flooded with all the regrets men who have lived a life such as mine have. 
Chances not taken….dice left unthrown
A hand unplayed
Folded because a combination of fear & oppression stared me down 
The poker face of life’s hard knocks
Yet I continue to play
Yet I continue to rise to a bell rang in the arena of life
Ready to dance – Ali…MJ
I shuffle, I bob & I weave …ropa-dope’n
And I take my blows rolling with what punches I can & gritting my teeth on what punches find their mark
My brow sweaty, my body sore but my back unbent
So I swing
I swing for the fences,I throw hailmarys & haymakers
Realising as long as I fight I win & if I stop I loose
So I hear my momma in my ear whispering
Swing little Tookie swing 
Send that bullie running,crying on home