So I Swing…



Life can beat you down & leave your spirit battered & bruised. 
My spirit is resilient but I ache,I cry, I languish in the depths of my pain thinking of loves & loved ones lost 
My mind flooded with all the regrets men who have lived a life such as mine have. 
Chances not taken….dice left unthrown
A hand unplayed
Folded because a combination of fear & oppression stared me down 
The poker face of life’s hard knocks
Yet I continue to play
Yet I continue to rise to a bell rang in the arena of life
Ready to dance – Ali…MJ
I shuffle, I bob & I weave …ropa-dope’n
And I take my blows rolling with what punches I can & gritting my teeth on what punches find their mark
My brow sweaty, my body sore but my back unbent
So I swing
I swing for the fences,I throw hailmarys & haymakers
Realising as long as I fight I win & if I stop I loose
So I hear my momma in my ear whispering
Swing little Tookie swing 
Send that bullie running,crying on home


Prophecies of the Present (a poem)


Prophecies of the Present

The world having traversed a third of its heavenly course 

The Platonic year near complete

The gods, infernal and divine stand ready to unleash prophecies long forgotten

Of Dido and Pygmalion

Of Memnon and Andromeda

Amongst the stone & rubble Albion’s children will remember the ways of Eirene to late

Having dwelt in their hubris to long, they ran dancing to their own ruin

The lion, the leopard, the rooster joined by the compass

Look on disconcertedly as the bear, faux naïf cleverly pulls the strings of the arrogant eagle

Gog and Magog snigger as Riphath and Tarshish decedents are duped

The dragon ever wise watches, keeping the goshawk perilously tethered

Arimu in turmoil may cause the blue turban to rise from Ishmael’s seed

All the while from with in the bowels of the behemoth you hear the Kushite’s muffled cries for justice